Yuki's event date with Jim Bean!

Did an event for Donna and its the Beach Volleyball friendly competition organized by Jim Bean!

:D Am glad to work with familiar faces again - Wynne, Emily, Mayne, Jennifer! And yah, we had a crazy time during the event!!! And someone *ahem* being thrown into the ice-water, not once but freakin' 5 times!! LOL!


:P Pardon our wet-looking attire... We were all having fierce water battle with the crew and other people at the event! LOL!

v^^v Despite being smashed/thrashed with water, yours truly was quite happy that none of my makeup smeared/smudged at all! Woot woot! Ok, shall share my secrets with you all:

Makeup product used:

  • The Face Shop Face IT BB Cream
  • MAC Mineralised Skin Finish in Light
  • MAC Creme Blush in So Sweet, So Easy (light warm Coral)
  • MAC Sheer Blush in Well-dressed (to set the creme blusher)

  • Dolly Wink LIMITED EDITION Liquid Eyeliner in Black (Trust me, it IS waterproof!)
  • MAC Gel Eyeliner (aka Fluidline) in Blacktrack
    Note: This is a MUST-HAVE for babes wanna draw eyeliners for beach/water-sports etc. My model GFs tried and the eyeliner did not even moved even being dunked/splashed gazillion times!
  • MW Eyeshadow Quad in Hush Baby (YES! I APPLIED EYE COLOURS and they DID NOT SMUDGE AT ALL!)
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Revlon CUSTOM EYES Waterproof Mascara in Black
  • DUO Waterproof Eyelash Glue in Black (YES. I did use my falsies during the event and some of my model gfs were complimenting how well the glue had make my lashes stay perfectly fine throughout the event!) AWESOME STUFF!
Some Friendly Tips:
  • Always PRIME your eyelids especially if you have oily eyelids!
  • Use Makeup Sealer (if you have) to seal the makeup. MUFE (MakeUp ForEver) does sell but it's SO freakin' expensive!!! :(
  • Source for WATERPROOF makeup if you don't have. I was google-ing UP DOWN, LEFT RIGHT to find CHEAP AND GOOD waterproof makeup prior before the event. HAHA!
  • Get some tissue with you and blot/drain away the water/sebum time to time if allows. This way, you can keep your makeup intact and last longer!
Some GOOD Waterproof Drugstore Makeup:
  • Revlon
  • Maybelline
  • Boujours
AH.. this part maybe quite interesting for some - this is HOW I TEST MY MAKEUP (WHETHER THEY ARE WATERPROOF OR JUST CLAIMED TO BE):

  1. I swatched the colours/ eyeliners on my dry hands
  2. Wait for approximately 1-2 min for it to dry (imagining as though I just entered the beach, not sweating yet)
  3. *LOL* I ran the swatches under running tape for a good 1-minute (imagining I was swimming)
  4. *LOL x2* I gently rubbed the swatched under the running water (imagining I was trying to open my eyes after the swim)
  5. By then, you should be able to conclude which products are waterproof (or claimed to be) under such conditions!
:) Have fun experimenting and kudos to the invention of WATERPROOF makeup!!!


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