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Hey everyone!

Today Imma show you some of my exciting buys (without burning a hole in your pocket) from one of my favourite drugstore brands - CATRICE!!!


This is NOT a sponsored/paid advertorial. I bought ALL of these with my own moola and being a vivd CATRICE fan, I hope I can share this lil joy & excitement to all - hopefully you will also like the products as much as I do too! ❤ ❤

Headed to Guardian @ Citylink  last week and was totally blown away by the collection!

From a HUGE variety + HIGHLY Pigmented:

Nail polishes (vivid - sweet nude)
Lip colours (lipsticks/ lip stains/ glosses)
Different type of Mascaras (volume/ lengthening/ for bottom lashes ❤ / serum)
LARGE collection of Eye shadows *WOOHOO*
Pretty Blush Colours
Customized foundations for every individual skin conditions! (Matte/ Dewy etc)
Chic Packaging - Reminded of Shu Uemura previous packaging. Moreover, you can see the colours straight without opening the cover! Saves time too! ;)




 My lil humble buys 

REVIEW TIME! (100% Honest review as always *winkz*)

CATRICE Absolute Eye Colour - 040 Never Let Me Go! S$8.90

I really ❤ all the colours inside this quad! Yes, they may look shimmery but the colours transform very nice & subtle onto the eyelids without looking like a shimmery clown. Haha!

These colours are suitable for Day & Night look. 

I really ❤ rosy-champagne (with golden sparkles) colour! It very subtle yet the golden sparkles reflect so perfectly with the light - totally brighten up the entire eyelid! ❤❤

❤ Will I use it again - OF COURSE! This quad has been in my makeup pouch for Work & Play ever since I bought + tried it!

 (Left - Right: Saw It On Blue Tube, Top of the Cops *Not available in SG*)
S$4.90 each

Saw It on Blue Tube is a shimmery denim blue with silver sparkles than To of the Cops but sadly, I feel the colour didn't transfer to my expectation.

It is build able yes but I rather hope I can have the dark denim blue on just 1 or 2-time application. I needed like, 3-4 times to get the intensity I wanted which is rather frustrating for me.
BUT I think it will be quite ideal for those who just started out makeup and learning how to build up the intensity of the colours.

❤ Will I use again - Maybe. When I can't find my INTEGRATE Blue Eyeshadow quad :X

 Go, Charlie Brown! S$4.90

Matte cool brown. Imagine it as Dark Brown + a slight tinch of Grey. ❤ the creamy-alike texture which makes it easy to apply and transfer onto the skin.Easy to blend out the colour too!

❤ Will I use it again - YES.

 Liquid Eyeliner in Black Blue S$7.90

It is a Felt-tip liquid eyeliner and honestly speaking, it is not that flexible as Essence liquid eyeliner and I find it abit stiff and uncomfy for my eyelids.

The colour pigmentation is really 100% AWESOME and some may even find it too dark (close to black).

The colour really stay on for HOURS without smudging or fading- and by that said, yes. I have difficulty in removing them also. LOL! Even harder than my MAC Blacktrack Fulid Eyeliner or any waterproof mascaras!

OMG. I have to press and 'dissolve the makeup' 3 times using my by-far-the-BEST-Eye-N-Lips Makeup remover (Biore Eye & Lip make remover)!!!You will definitely NEED an oil-based eye makeup remover to remove this stubborn-but-loyal eyeliner. LOL!

❤ Will I use it again - YES. For my long-haul flight and not scaring any PAX with any smudged/faded eye colours. LMAO!

(✿◠‿◠) There are more of which I can't be possibly sharing - BUT you can try them for yourselves by heading down to their counters!!!

Available at these following Guardian Outlets:
☑ Citylink Mall
☑ Harbour Front
☑Ang Mo Kio Ave 10
☑ Vivo City

Try the testers to believe it. Its FREE anyway. ;)

Happy shopping people!

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  1. I'm so happy that there are more and more affordable makeup brands like essence and catrice available in Singapore lately! I can't wait to try them out!

  2. Hi Angel!

    :) Me too!!! Happy shopping babe!


  3. Hi. How is the eye primer, if you have tried? I'd like to know.thanks in advance :)

  4. Hi Nivya

    :) Greetings! I have yet to try the primer yet. Will update once I have purchase the product!


  5. Hi,

    I'm loving their products!

  6. Bought two lipsticks from CATRICE today, hope they'll be nice as well :)

  7. Dear Xeraphina and Kristine!

    :) Greetings!

    Am loving their products so so much! Hope you gals also like them and share your thoughts with us too!




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