SHuiYuki's Short Update

Hey Everyone!

I'm back from New York flight and boy was I glad to have my B78 Happy Pill Chris with me to walk around! ;) Yes, we walked around.. #InsiderJoke LOL!

Back at my 2nd home - we met my fellow Scootee Yazid and we had awesome dinner at the 100yen Sushi! *yumz*

-_____-" Erm, don't judge by our attire. It was rather cold during at night. We thought we were some awesome trios that could withstand the cold. But we were wrong. WHAHAHAHA!

Back in SG; there wasn't a minute to waste. Packed my room, settled any outstanding issues, Met up with my Good-O-Buddy Moses for some Cider & Cheesecake by the Sea, and cuddle Fat Face at Fel's place while watching Running Man all the way till morning. :) Simply love such peaceful moment like this. 

Guess I'd really grew out from those party places. The current me will definitely choose to either chill with my pals or just stay at their places playing WII/ watch movies etc.

Now, moscato anyone? :)

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