SHuiYuki's Clarisonic Deep Pore Replenish Kit Review + GIVEAWAY

Hello everyone!
For those who have been following my IG aka Instagram, you would have known that I'm doing a CLARISONIC GIVEAWAY to some of my lucky followers!
AND I'm doing a GIVEAWAY ON MY BLOG TOO! Wanna know how to win 1 of the LIMITED FESTIVE COLOUR COLLECTION? Read on NOW!

Actually, Clarisonic should not sound unfamiliar to many by now... especially if you are into beauty & skincare and we all know that Clarisonic is the #1 Cleansing Device recommended by leading dermatologists, astheticians and spa professionals!
For me, I first heard of Clarisonic was via YouTube by some makeup gurus (Michelle Phan/ Allison Anderson) 3-4years ago and it was only available in USA. Afterwhich, I gotten the chance to fly to NYC and lay my hands on them. And boy were the bristles SUPER SOFT AND GENTLE!!! #iLike
But unfortunately, the price was rather steep for me then, so I resisted my urge get it then. But, ever since I got a set, I am hooked! And with this ladies & gentlemen, allow me to show you my latest #skinCare #HolyGrail - Clarisonic PLUS (in 1 of my fave colours PINK of coz)

Face & Body Sonic Cleansing

Pink PLUS Cleansing Device
Pink Universal Voltage Charging Cable
Sensitive Brush Head
Travel Size Cleanser 30ml
Body Brush Head
Travel Size Body Cleanser 60ml

For the PLUS System, it consists of 3 Speeds + Body Setting, Adjustable timer which I personally prefer as I can adjust the timing as per my liking.

Psst, my shower duration depends on my next day schedule :X Should I have training/ flight the next day... Hmm.. well well I can take as fast as 15min to get-over-done-with. If not, I can jolly well take my own sweet time (30min).. There are things #menDontGetIt but #weLadiesDo. LOL!

BUT when comes to my Face, that (I'm pretty sure) I will take at least 8minutes to thoroughly remove makeup, pre-cleanse with my good-O-Bioderma makeup remover and a proper cleanse with my trusty Clarisonic PLUS! Especially when I have to apply thicker eye makeup from now on. 

Of course, we all know eye area is super delicate hence I use their latest LUXE series (Satin Precision) to go over my eye area and remove any makeup. OMG I'm telling you the bristles are definitely the softest I ever touch (aside Hakuhodo makeup brush)!!!

And of course, the brush can't do much wonder without a good & effective cleanser to complement its works right? 

::: Deep Pore Replenishment Kit :::
See 25% reduced pore appearance
after just one use*

Deep Pore Daily Cleanser
Deep Pore Decongesting Clay Mask
Deep Pore Cleansing Brush Head

 Close-up with their Deep Pore Brush Head

Hmmm.. Looks kinda rough right? BUT IT ISN'T! You can on the brush and swirl it on a tissue paper and it won't tear! #triedAndTested #proven

For me (on days I have to apply thicker makeup) I will use Clarisonic PLUS + Deep Pore Brush Head along with the Deep Pore Daily Cleanser on alternate day basis (e.g: Mon/ Wed/ Fri).

The rest of the days & weekends I will just use a mixture of Clarisonic PLUS + Luxe Brush head + my current cream cleanser.

"The sulfate-free, paraben-free formula (when activated by the Deep Pore Brush head) creates a keratolytic action that loosens pore-clogging dead skin cells.
And with the combination of Deep Pore brush head + Clay Mask (which consists of the skin renewing power of hydroxy acid blend with oil absorbing power of kaolin and bentonite clays.) it helps exfoliate dead skin cells and rid the pores of damaging pore-clogging toxins." -extracted from PR


In SHuiYuki simpler layman terms (aka How I feel after using the product): #LOL

Skin felt smoother and softer (get rid of dead skin cells)
Skin does not felt any tightness/ form redness (no skin irritation)
Skin tend to absorb the skincare products better and more dewy skin on the next day
Less visible clogged area especially around the nose area
And You can't wait to try them out as well? Here's a chance for you win these goodies!!!
 How to WIN Deep Pore Congesting Solution: (worth S$100):
·        Leave a comment below on how you first got to know about Clarisonic
·        For double the chance, share this blog post to your Facebook/ Instagram and tag me (@SHuiYuki) and ClarisonicSG (@ClarisonicSG) so that we can track!
Good luck ppl!

Once again, thank you GushCloud Singapore and Clarisonic Singapore for the awesome giveaway to my fellow Readers!

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  1. I first got to know abt clarisonic through instagram, my friend uses it and raves how awesome clarisonic is IG: leiparnes FB: lei parnes

  2. I first knew about Clarisonic throughfacebook friends when they shared and invited me to join the Clarisonic facebook page. IG: lony12345

  3. I first got to know Clarisonic through watching Youtube videos and I started researching on it and that's where it sparked my interest!
    IG: @thatlastrose
    Facebook: Cynthia Tseng

  4. Hi Babe, i got to know this from you and i really hope i can get this Deep Pore Replenishment Kit. Because of my enlargement pores , i really have confident issue and esteem issue . This being bothering me since secondary school till now a university student, i can't get any really solutions of it . :(

    IG : minkclara
    Facebook : Jiamin Clara

  5. First found out about Clarisonic from my favourite beauty vlogger on her YouTube channel bubzbeauty! :) Thanks for the giveaway and really hope to win this because it's pocket-sized and travel friendly to suit my busy travel schedule!

    IG: monkeydunkieee

  6. Hi dear @shuiyuki my 1st knew about clarisonic when I was shopping at sephora@taka. The staff introduced to me that it's gentle to my sensitive skin and deep cleansing to prevent clogged pores. It can be use twice a day, not harsh to skin because my face will appears red patches after cleansing with scrub. However, the price make me back off. So I really appreciate this chance to have this to get rid off my strawberry nose &oily acne sensitive skin, and I'm only early 20 ' s! Please save my skin Thanks:)

    ig: spaceaceace

  7. First found out abt Clarisonic via my best friend who swear by it and have seen how much her skin has improved after using Clarisonic products.

  8. Hi Shuiyuki,

    I first learnt this from a friend but didn't knowit was so useful until I read your blog review. Really hope to win this! Thanks for sharing n I have followed all on instalgram :) cheers!

    Athena Choo

  9. I got to know @clarisonicsg through their website they had an amazing write up but after reading your blog review, I am quite determined to try this great cleansing tool especially when I am a lazy person. Haha this is a convenient and effective way to cleanse my face without spending too much time! Please share this with me! ♥♥♥♥ @shuiyuki #ClarisonicXShuHui

    Elyn Chan

  10. Hi @shuiyuki ,

    I only got to learn about this great product through your blog! After reading I went to visit and I am extremely in need of this amazing pore cleanser! Thanks for sharing! @clarisonicsg #ClarisonicXShuHui


  11. I got to know about Clarisonic from a review made by BubzBeauty back in 2011, I think! :)

  12. HI Shu Hui,

    Thanks for having this giveaway. I get to know about CLARISONIC through many youtubers, I hope to win this because I have a lot of acne scars and blemishes and I need to pile on lots of make up to cover them. Winning this giveaway will aid me in getting a better skin as CLARISONIC can help me in double cleansing and cleaning the area where my fingers could not clean. I am currently serving the nation and I do not have enough income to own one of the CLARISONIC. Therefore I really hope to win this giveaway! *Fingers Crossed*

    Instagram: thecybersurgeon

  13. Hello, I first got to know it through youtube videos and all. I have chance upon your site while searching reviews for it recently. :)


    1. Will check your blog from time to time! Hope to win it. :D

  14. I found out about it through Youtube and blogs.. And I really wanna try it out myself..

    1. Congratulations from Clarisonic!

      You have been selected as one of the winners to this giveaway.
      Could you pls provide your email address to, so that we may share more details on prize collection?

      Thank you.

      Best regards,
      Clarisonic Singapore

  15. I found out on tv frm a korea beauty show!

  16. through the instagram posting by blogger of the new and very colourful mia 2

  17. I saw an advertisement on tv about the Clarisonic and then went into a local department store to check them out. They look so awesome.



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