SHuiYuki's Short Update

Ok, that was a #throwback pic taken last Thursday. :P

/╯﹏╰\ So sorry for MIA (missing in action) - believe me, I am so freakin' busy with training / doing graduation stuff etc that I rarely met up with anyone this month! Zzz~~

≧◠◡◠≦✌ But nevertheless, I was very surprised some of you lovelies emailed me and ask me about my life/ work etc. From the bottom of my heart (again), thank you so so much for your sweet thoughts. 

They really warm my heart and yes, I do reply emails (may not be immediate thus do gimme some time ok? *grins*)  so do email me to ask me stuff (nothing too personal pls)! #dontBeShy #justEmail

=^.^= I will be consolidating some frequent Q&A and I will blog them up latest next week! So do flood my mail box NOW! *haha!*

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