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(>‿◠)✌ Hey people!

Many have asked me as a cabin crew, what kind of skincare products I normally bring to overseas. Hmm... well I have to say I will bring suitable appropriate amount of skincare products to whichever countries I'll be going.

(Example) If I'm going to Aussie, I will be hydrating + moisturizing skincare as the air is rather dry over there.

 Posted on Instagram on 18th September

OK. If I'm feeling lazy or having back-to-back flights, the above are my essentials for any of my flights! And they are...

✓ Hada Labo Travel Size Hydrating Lotion
✓ Chanel Hydrating Serum
✓ Khiel's Vitamin C Serum
✓ Chanel Nano-Hydrating Lotion
✓ Sunplay Sunscreen
✓ Avene Facial Mist
✓ MK13 Facial Mist

I know what you guys are thinking - Whats' MK13?

Some disclaimer FIRST:

☑ I only review sponsored products which I have tried on myself for a period of time to see if the products are effective on me before I recommend to my readers.

Which is probably why some companies totally loath me for not posting my entry on time. Please, if I have not tried the products and do the entry for the sake of blogging just to submit before deadline, there is no creditability at all and it will also affect the Company's reputation right?

☑ All my reviews are 100% based on my HONEST opinions and not from the press release from the Company. I'm pretty sure my readers are internet savy to find out the ingredients etc.

☑ I'm having a combination & sensitive skin + yellow undertone. If your skin condition are similar to mine, chances are my opinions are suitable for your consideration in purchasing the product.

Agreed to the aforementioned? (>‿♥) Then Let's GO ON!!!  

I gotten to know this AMAZING product through my GF Danielle's friend Desmond, whose family come up with this amazing facial spray!!

"MK13 is a facial formulation created using the Quantum Molecular Technology.
It is rich with minerals and trace elements essential to our skin and does not contain any chemical composition or preservatives.
This much loved Facial Miracle Water is a must have for a healthy, radiant skin. 
It repairs, rejuvenates and regenerates skin cells to make you look younger and energetic."
- Extracted from MK13 official website

MK13 FACIAL SPRAY is able to SOLVE all kinds of facial skin problems with the following benefits:

  • Balance Oil Secretion & Prevent Acne Pimples 
  • Restoration of Uneven Skin Tone  
  • Anti-Oxidant & Anti-Aging  
  • Helps to Tighten Pores  
  • UV Protection  
  • Moisturising, Whitening & Anti-Bacterial  
  • Reduce Black Pigmentation Sedimentation  
  • Repair & Rejuvenate Skin Cells  
  • Improve Skin Textures  
  • Promote Collagen Formation & Increase Skin Elasticity  
  • Reduce eye bags and dark circles 
  • 100% natural, chemical free and safe. No worries of side effect. 

SERIOUSLY, I have been using MK13 for FOUR FREAKING MONTHS and firstly, I MUST apologise to Desmond for taking sucha long time (+ testing the product) out and he is very kind and patient enough to understand and agree to let me try out for a period of time before blogging. Hey, I must be responsible for my readers too ok? Hur hur.. #ToughLifeForBloggerAtTimesToo *LMAO*

Many of my roomies (back then) were super curious about this red bottled spray and of course they would be naturally skeptical about it as this product is not very well known in the market yet.

A lot of folks were telling me - "Spray is just a freaking water spray. How much benefit can One get from just water?"

I beg to differ.

From MK13 + comparing some of the other facial spray that I'd used (e.g Evian, Avene, 丝瓜 Facial Mist etc), I truly see a significant improvement on my face - especially my pores have become Smaller and LESS Noticeable.

Moreover, MK13 IS CERTIFIED with the following :

✓ GMP (Good Manufacturing Product)
✓ 100% NATURAL Ingredients
✓ Malaysia & Asia Region Islamic Food Research Center

Yes - I know you guys are thinking "confirm with the help of other skincare products" which I agree too. BUT WITHOUT MK13 to act as a SKIN ENHANCER, my skin won't be able to promote better healthy radiant skin within sucha short period of time.

See my pics (both earlier 2012 and later part of 2012 after trying out the product) and be surprised!

 ME - Early 2012

ME - OCT/NOV (??)

MK13 YouTube Advertisement

  • Retail Price: SGD$117
For HEALTHY, RADIANT Looking skin, MK13 is always my ideal choice and inside my cargo bag wherever I travel!

Try MK13! You won't be disappointed! :)

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  1. Hi all

    For those who are interested to purchase in Malaysia, please click on the website, or like us on

    The purchase comes with free delivery within Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak. Thank you.

  2. We can be contacted at +6010-2254282 or email to us at We will reply to you within 24 hours.

  3. Hi ! Just to let all there informed that the current market available mk13 is fake. The original manufacturer has terminated the supply and there is absolutely no way to re-produce the original ingredients. What the people are buying at the moment is a totally different product from the original mk13. FYI, it was founded by somebody else so kindly refrain from saying that your friend's family founded the original mk13, absolutely not true. kindly check the facts b4 blogging. thanks

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      Thank you for sharing. This to justify that the manufacturer has terminated their contract and supply to their appointed marketing arm, TPC. Nonetheless, we as the distributor of MK13 are dealing directly with the manufacturer, so MK13 is still available in the market.

  5. Hi Anonymous,
    Thank you for sharing. This to justify that the manufacturer has terminated their contract and supply to their appointed marketing arm, TPC. Nonetheless, we as the distributor of MK13 are dealing directly with the manufacturer, so MK13 is still available in the market.



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