❤ I'm Glad You Came - 2012 ❤

こにちわ みなさん!お元気ですか?
(Konichiwa nima san! Genki desuka?)

This 2012 has indeed a roller-coaster ride for me.. OMG.. Imma getting quite emo now *nervous laugh* ..

OK.. Let's sum it up!


Birthdays are EVERYWHERE! LOL! v^^v 

 Angel Liney BDay Brunch

 Charlie's Angels (Guang Wei as Charlie *LOL) Brunch + Ming You Bro & his Mum!

HDs Fang BDay!

HDs Von BDay!


More of Cozy Feb for me as I got to spend more time with our families and brought us closer ties together as well...

JH's Family Dinner with his Grandmum!

CNY with my beloved YJ aka Mik Mik!

Annual CNY visit to Mr Tan's place

Ju Young's visit to SG!


v^^v March onwards has been indeed opened up a marvellous path for me as I'd got to know more NEW friends (and keeping in touch till date) be it in modelling or blogger industry. I'm so happy during this month to work with them - especially Danielle & Karen lovlies! They have indeed make such a happy impact on me that I super looking forward to work with them all the time! XOXO

Of course, that was when I gotten to know my 2 charming bloggers Hong Peng (aka HPility) and Terence ,William etc too! ^^v

Ended my last event of the Month working for Citibank and with some of my fave model GFs of all time - Ee Xuan, Sheena, Bernice! Credit goes to my Polymate Lionel & his Citi Client Vivien for giving us the chance to work together and ended my last event of the month with a beauitful & fun ending!

My 2 ❤s @ Work during Guinness Live - Danielle & Karen!

F&N Blogger Competition - Me & 小妹 Cheow Teng!

My 2 ❤s & Hong Peng aka HPility!

Some of my fave Models of all time! Ee Xuan, Sheena, Bernice!

Anticipating April - May!

WHY - this is because this is my OPENING chapter for my flying career! Training days were indeed super fun & memorable... These batchies are super awesome and fun, of course the trainers also make the whole training process an enjoyable one too!

Batch 0412 with Trainers Ms Suan & Daniel!

Me & 2 of my fave Batchies dearies - Ashley & Nicole! 

OMG, I super MISS the Carrot Cake & Prawn Bee Hoon Soup! :P Ask any of my B04 batchies and they can tell you I can REALLY EAT just these 2 meals on EVERY BREAK! LOL!

;) PS: The food at STC were so deliciously good that I'd happily gained to my max weight - 46KG!!!

Blogger Movie Preview - The Avengers with HP, JH and Terence!

At Viv's wedding with Amelia & Ee Xuan


My first flight... my birthday...my first visit to Gold Coast and Sydney... SO JELLY INDEED! *LOL*

Celebrating Batchies dearie Fel's BDay At Bugis & Clark Quay!

Surprise BDay Celebration with Batchies at T1 during A/C fam!

Scoot Inaugural Flight to SYD event!

My VERY 1st flight! :)

My 1st flight with the AWESOMEST crew!
Thank you for your patience and guidence people~~

With my fave Batchies + Kenneth + Shirley!

Having fun at SYD!


My meetup with 小妹 at SYD (whom I did not meet ever since she grad out from Hotel Re!)... HDs Shan & Min BDay... Joy to the World! :P

SYD with my dearest You Jing 小妹!

HDs Shan BDay!

Awfully Sweet August

Our 8th year Anniversary...Having fun at overseas... :) Life's good!

Happy Date + 8th Year Anni @ Garden By The Bay :)

SYD (for 23457615 times LOL) with Batchie dearie Ash & Don!


This month was indeed a SUPERB month for me!

✔ Finally got the chance to fly with my Batch Sweetie Pie - MJ! Sucha conicedence - she is also my ex-co (Monica)'s cousin! HAHA! Sucha small world afterall!

✔ JH dearie ❤ Birthday... 

✔ Met Class 95fm DJs  - Glenn Ong, Venetta and The Flying Dutchman!

✔ Scoot Team Bonding at ECP!

✔ YJ & SY Korean Granny visit to SG!

✔ Met up with my Holy Makeup Papa - Kevin 老师!

✔ Did my first (& last) inaugural flight to Tokyo with Scoot!

JH's BDay Gathering with his Brothers

JH's BDay + ICT-ian gathering

With Class 95fm DJs - Glenn Ong, Venetta Lopez & The Flying Dutchman!

L'EGERE Beauty Seminar with my Makeup Holy papa Kevin 老师!

My lil niece & nephew Korea Grandma visit to SG!

  Scoot Mini Retreat @ECP with Team Labretta & Suzanna's Team!

 My 1st (& last) inaugural flight with Scoot to Tokyo!


Like the aforemention, October was my last month with Scoot and HELLOOOOOO PARTIES!!! LOL!
 With my pretty Shirley on my last flight!

My last flight with Scoot... ended beautifully with Aunty Lucy on board with us ! ^^

Party with the AWESOMES!!! Kendra, Ryan, Ash, Evon Partner & Mal DCXB!

Sista Kristy's Princessy Wedding!

Galaxy with my Sistas! Shi Hui PL, Jamie dear & Tricia Sista!

Zouk with my Dearies!

 With my DCXB + Germin sweetie!!! :D

With Xavien for Scoot's photoshoot assignment

With Batchie dearie Van, Michelle and Yoga!

My last modelling event - With my dearest Mal DCXB!


Offical training started beginning of the month - and trust me, I won't say it's 'delicious' BUT I'm DETERMINED to study hard and soar on my flying career! ;)

But thank God for giving me the opporunity to witness not 1,2,3 BUT THREE DELICIOUSLY SWEET WEDDINGS to sweeten my month! My GFs Maddy & Peishi + my cousin Chin Hong's HAPPY WEDDINGS! + My batch gal Encarni's SWEET 21st BDay!

My December has been happily sweetened~ Thank God! :)

Maddy's Sweet & Beautiful Wedding!

My Poly classmate Ah Shi's Wedding!

 With my dearest Polymates! Guang Wei, Shun Yu, Wenzi!

With my B78 Batchies! :) Happy BDay Encarni!
Let's がばて みなさん!!!
日本へ いきましょ!

With my Dua Chio at FEP!
Thankew for accompanying me Dua Chio!! XOXO

Cousin Chin Hong's Wedding! :) Congrats my dear Cousin! 
:') I belive 三舅 will be super happy for the both of you! Congrats again!

With my cutesy BB cousin aka MINI ME!!!
^^ All my Aunts + Mummy Teo say she look like me when I was BB around her age! Awww~

With my Godma & God-daddy! ^^

Emotions are gushing and swirling around my mind right now...

So many things I wanted to say to each and everyone of you whom have make an impact to me this 2012...

I wanna type out one freaking long essay to thank ALL OF YOU 
But I know I can't type out properly now.. 
:') Feeling too emo now..

*Nervous laugh.... again*


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  1. You had such a beautiful & meaningful 2012! It's such a blessing every month indeed bringing joy to ya and ya family & friends.

  2. Hi there!!

    :) Apologies for the late reply!

    Thanks and you too,have a fantastic year ahead too!




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