SHuiYuki's Quick Update!

Konichiwa People!!!

Quick update:

:) Yesh yesh... I have arrived safely to Japan (NRT) since Monday and though this is just the 1st week, all of us can feel the intense stress coming to us for this 3 months! T.T"

*Self-pat* Gambatte SHui! >.<"

Went to Harajuku yesterday with my batch gals and was indeed blown away! This place is truly Fashion/Makeup Haven!!! Cosplayers were almost everywhere!!! :D

And of course, I was totally sucked into their famous Mazu Moto skincare/makeup store!!! Being a die-hard makeup junkie; of course how can I not purchase any beauty related items?! :D Am using them now for the first time (some yah, some nah -.-")... ^^v will update you guys after using them for a while ok? No point giving review base on 1st time usage. ;)

OK. I'm SUPER late to meet my Shar babe. >.<" Bye people!!! Enjoy your Sunday!!!

PS: Do check out my instagram or Twitter for latest pics/craps! LOL!!!

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