SHuiYuki's Quick Update - 2nd Week in Japan

こにちわ みなさん!
Konichiawa Mina san!

I have SURVIVED the 2nd week here!!! v^^v #likeABimbo

Thank God for my group of crazy B78 cliques and fellow Scootees batchies whom I know they have sacrificed their nap hour and made their utmost effort to come and meet me! #touchedMAX. Thankew ALL!!! Really love U all so muchies!! XOXO

=^^= Felt superbly blessed - I have Sharlene babe to meet on my 1st week of training and my Scootee batchie Jojo to meet me this week!!! Thanks Gals for bringing me stuff from SIN and I really feel so much at home (now). XOXO

With my Shar babe... Thankew for the many tips and advices dear!!! :)

My lovely Batchies!!! Off we go to Harjuku!
Pic grabbed from Cindy ;)

Having fun despite the crazily COLD weather!!!
Pic grabbed from Christina ;)

My 1st snow experience!!!

Yesterday (Sat) Me and Jojo B04 batchie!!!
Thankew so much for waiting and helping me bring over my stuff from SIN to here!!!
And also, telling me where's the 105yen Sushi place!!! XOXO
Haiz... miss u all so muchie!!! :(

On our way to the Narita Shrine!!!
My bunch of crazy gals! Hearts them to e MAX! :)

And when I return back to the Hotel, my long waited surprised mail from Scootee Batchie darling Ashely had finally arrived!!!

真的是感动到。。。":') ❤

=^^= And of course, my BF JH who helped me 'took my orders' and gotten my necessities + coordinating with Jojo/family etc... 辛苦你了, 我知道。。。Thankew Love ❤❤  XOXO

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