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HellooooooooOOOooo Everyone!!!

≧❂◡❂≦ I know MANY were super excited for me (?!) *LMAO* when I IG my 1st visit to Tokyo Bust Express on last Wednesday!

Many of my GFs/friends/readers all text ed/WhatsApp-ed/Tweeted and urged me to come up with my review on their treatment! HAHA!


(>‿◠)✌ Alrighty - Your wish is my command.

Here you go!!!

My review on my 1st visit to...

Some disclaimer FIRST:

☑ I only review sponsored products/services which I have tried on myself personally to see if the products are effective on me before I recommend to my readers.

Which is probably why some companies totally loath me for not posting my entry on time. Please, if I have not tried the products and do the entry for the sake of blogging just to submit before deadline, there is no creditability at all and it will also affect the Company's reputation right?

☑ All my reviews are 100% based on my HONEST opinions and not from the press release from the Company. I'm pretty sure my readers are internet savy to find out the ingredients etc.

Agreed to the aforementioned? (>‿♥) Then Let's GO ON!!!  

I was there rather early for my appointment so I took the opportunity to walk around their latest outlet in City Square Mall (which was just opened late last year) and took some snapshots of the outlet.

Waiting Area

Cuppa of Floral Tea anyone?

 Cozy Consultation Room
 They even provide pink bedroom slippers for all their customers too!
≧◡≦  かわいい !

After which, my friendly consultant Evonne brought me in and explained more about the the breast formation/structure and the treatments in Tokyo Bust Express. Look how serious and attentive I was while listening to Evonne! HAHA!

OK. I must admit - I was initially VERY SHY (or awkward) when talking about my near-non-existence-boobs problems to her. -_____-" Hello?! I'm not that 'open' alright?! Haha!

After the consultation; I was SO GLAD that I have taken up this treatment. SERIOUSLY.


☑ The treatment uses ALL Natural Plant Ingredients

Some of the ingredients used are:

(Unique herb rich in PHYTO-ESTROGENS)
(Excellent source of beta-carotene and diosgenin)
(Helps to develope the mammary glands)
(Contains PHYTO-ESTROGENS - both retaining and producing Body's estrogen as needed)

☑ Treatment is 100% SAFE.
NO Side Effects



BOOST Circulation
PREVENT Bust-related issues such as Cysts/ Cancer


❣ Boobs consist of BOTH Fats & Glands - and it is GLANDS (not fats) that boost fuller, healthier boobs.

 Yippie!!! Totally convinced and ready for the treatment!

Love the cozy romantic ambiance of the room! With rose petals some more! ♥♥


Treatment that was personalised for me are:

✔ Scrub
✔ Toning Treatment
App: 2min

✔ Push Up Machine (App: 20min)
✔ Bust Up Therapy (App: 15min)
✔ Suction Therapy (App: 20min)
✔ Hydrating Mask (App: 10min)

Total app: 1hr 7min. Excluding Consultation

❦❦❦ SHuiYuki's 100% Honest Review ❦❦❦

>.<" Hmmm.. I'm not a person that talks about boobie problems to anyone. Let alone allow anyone to touch them. Like as though I have any asserts to begin with. Ha.Ha *Awkward laugh*
  • Who (which female) doesn't long for fuller perkier bustline? I DO.
  • Who doesn't want to LOOK & FEEL GOOD - especially when all of us know a perkier bustline can make ANYONE look so good in any clothing. *AHEM* I DO TOO.
And being a Cabin Crew; let's face it - aside maintaining and taking care of our health due to the crazy flight hour/jet lags etc, all of us desire a perkier, fuller bustline so that we can look great in our uniform #YouKnowWhatIMean 

And I definitely don't want to involve any health risks by undergoing any PS/ treatment under surgeon's knife.

Ultimately...ಠ_ಠ I thought mine was already 'gone case' (hopeless) and could only just live with 'em.

BUT THANK GOD I accepted this treatment session by them and in ALL HONEST TRUTH:



I swear I'm telling the truth. After the treatment, the ever friendly Therapist (she was so sweet to keep a constant check on me to make sure everything is of my comfort ❤) did a Before-After measurement and my boobies have significantly INCREASE to an amazing 1cm! I'm SO IMPRESS! 


Aside from their amazing treatments (using the latest state-of-art technology equipments, I was also impress by their HONESTY.

Evonne has frankly told me that I should not expect a Godly miracle and 1 session could only last the most 1-2 days for my case. Some people can last till a couple of weeks. But again, this is all depend on individual bust cases.


Tokyo Bust Express is super generous enough to do a GIVEAWAY to ALL OF YOU!!!

Simply answer a VERY SIMPLE question and you will receive YOUR DIVA-BOOST Bust treatments FREE! 

Click on the IMAGE to submit your answer NOW!

(っ◕‿◕)っ ♥ I can continue to gush on and on how amazing the treatment is. BUT YOU have to experience it yourself to judge right?

Enjoy your treatment and share with us here if you like to!

Stay happy and healthy always!


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  1. I went down to Nexmall for a consultation and I must say overall service was good. My consultant Michelle is very friendly too. After first trial, like what u mentioned, I can see the difference too. I took up their promo pack and hope to see even better results in near future. ^^


  2. i am not sure about other outlets.
    Personally, I went to the one at park mall, it was absolutely terrible.. Likewise, i am not a boobie person, but still which woman is not vain? i signed up half the package for abt 500 bucks, for 5 times treatment. on the 2nd treatment, the beautician(or whatever you call them) start to sit beside me and psycho me on signing more package.. It's SUPER IRRITATING! left you exposed & keep talking talking talking non stop. i am not going back to them ANYMORE after my treatments are done.

    In my opinions, these beauticians/consultants are all like "hungry for sales" ppl, their services level goes depending on how much you are willing to fork out for the packages.. & of course for sponsored adv. they need to be extremely nice so they are able to get good reviews for the individual's blog readers..

    Just my experience with them ...

  3. I went to Parkmall as well too but luckily my consultant so far never push me into getting things. She will recommend me treatments and homecare products but I wouldn't say she hard sell me. However, I hope the waiting time can shorten though. The results still okay so far. The overall experience I would rate 3.5/5.

  4. Tokyo Bust does work but doesn't last. Unless u really spend thousands there. Actually signed up because of the life time $98 Chibusa program end up going there signing a 1.5k course. And after I agreed they didn't even say its before GST. So everything adds up close to 2K. 2k for only 10 sessions. And actually the only thing that works there is their massage. The stupid course only has 5 sessions with massage. End up have to pay freaking extra $180 per session for the massage. Means 2k + $900. I'm done with the course already. I'm a diligent person who massage everyday to maintain the results. But after 2 weeks everything went back to normal. My bust did increase by 1 inch. It didnt go up by a cup but only slightly more meat. And firmer. But now? Haven't even 1 month everything slowly disappearing. Tokyo Bust is a fraud company. They make promotions, sponsor some SG girls who blog, make them advertise for them, when u sign up for the promotion u will end up signing for at least 2K course. So don't bother with their promotions. Oh, they would also tell u the prices before GST. And they won't give u any products to bring home. They give u a small bottle then make u sign more, tell u promise to give u more bottles when u finish paying, end up they say no such thing, even pyscho u to buy from them. Do u know how expensive their products are? 300++ for a bottle(Small Bottle) and they will always tell u that they have promotion buy 2 cheaper. Lol. They should just close down and disappear. I hope girls will not fall into their trap. Money fly away lo! *BACK TO SQUARE ONE AT THE END~~~~*

  5. The above review was from:

  6. The deal from Juztoday $11 for 10 sssions of bust Max treatment and bust UP massages is a scam. Before our treatment they already psycho us to change to more expensive treatment for $200 and my friend took it up. I wanted to stick to the voucher deal but they conveniently change it to 1 session of lymphatic drainage machine and massage,when the original voucher stated 10 massages. Of cos you can't expect much from $11 deal but they are cheating in this case. After treatment we were psycho to sign pkg...they were being hardsell n we end up signing just the lymphatic drainage machine which would be similiar to the voucher deal.we left the shop at 12am...

  7. Stop and prevent from going Tokyo bust! It's all a scam and bullshit! All they will do is to keep selling and make u buy more and more. Warning! Do not even step in else you will regret and I'm one example! Consultants ONLY want your money and nothing else!

    1. cannot agree more...they are very greedy

  8. my experience with them so far so good...
    results are oso gradually getting better n i can feel n see my busts getting much fuller...
    they will share with me on their various treatments and products but overall i feel that they are friendly n warm. I went to novena outlet. just sharing my experience. :)

  9. I went to the city square one and I really don't like their way to do business. I bought a Groupon which is 38 dollars for 20 sessions, but when I reached there, the beautician persuaded me to exchange 10 sessions into one massage. Although I insisted the Groupon one but she didn't let you do it. After the massage she continued to push me to buy package and if you don't buy she won't let you go. In the end I bought 6 massages, and during every massage she tried to push something for me to buy. And she spent very short time on my massage. Other beauticians r ok, but that one is really horrible. Won't go back any more

  10. Thank you for the recommendation. After having kids, my bust have shrunk and it appeared to be soft and saggy. After searching online,reading some blogs, I went down to Tokyo Bust Express, the outlet at Regency House and I would like to say their service was warm and good. The first treatment I wasn't expecting much results but to my surprise, I can see and feel it was much fuller and firmer after just one session with them. I would like to compliment the service given by the 2 specialist/therapist, Jollyn and Yuki. They explained very clearly and I really like the massage that they recommended me to try though i felt abit of soreness which was normal. I signed up a package with them and hope to see even much results. Will keep update if anyone wants to know my results. Im looking forward to regain back my original assets.



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