SHuiYuki's Happy 28th BDay

It was once joked that celebrating my birthday = celebrating a royalty BDay. Who needs to celebrate for a near week straight?! Well, that's yours truly. LMAO!

This year BDay was indeed special in many ways mainly-
♡ Had my BDay twice due to GMT difference. Well, actually is just 1 hour difference *LOL*
♡ "Where JAL meets SQ & Scoot" HAHA!
♡ 1st time celebrating as a Single after 9 years.

It turned out to be so much better than I have ever imagined and I'm so thankful to ALL who have make this lil lady (who's still learning in progress) sucha memorable Happy BDay 2013.

Not much photos as I have forgotten to bring out my camera *Geesh* and majority were taken my ♡ ones.

Of coz, I read each and every BDay wishes on any communication platforms and from my bottom of my Heart - THANK YOU. :) I really felt blessed and thank God for friends like YOU! XOXO

OK Without any further ado, let's take a glimpse of my Birthday-Week celebration:

❦❦❦ 26th May ❦❦❦

Pre-BDay Celebration with my fellow Poly T14 Classmates
Left: Peishi, Shun Yu, Jeffery
Right: SHui, Guang Wei, Moses

A night filled with joy, lame jokes and laughter. ♡ All of us basically see each other grow up from a 小妹妹/小弟弟 to who we are now. Can't believe we have actually known each other for freaking 10 YEARS! GOSH!

Still remember those Poly days *ahem* not forgetting my infamous "tripping over at Canteen 3 during Sem 1" incident. Shall not elaborate any further. #ForThosePresentAndStillRememberOnly LMAO!

❦❦❦ 3rd June ❦❦❦

Yippie! Finally touched down to SIN (after a 6-day flight) once again after a hectic flight and my beloved HDs Fang came and picked me up early in the morning!! She brought me a cake and a gift too! We literally walked ALL 3 Terminals and travelled to Parkway before she went off for her meeting. AWWW~ Sucha sweetheart!!! LOVE YOU FANG FANG!!!

OK. I know is anything but nice; that's my usual hairdo and makeup for work. >.<"

Took a nap and proceeded for Mookata with my fellow HDs and ♡ ones. FINALLY! Mookata has been on my To-Eat list since March (yah, when I was still in Japan HAHA!) and I haven't gotten the chance to savour it until now. WOOHOO! 2 down (including BKT), 4 to go! 加油!!! :D

Simple celebration but it meant so much to me. Thank YOU (you know who you are :)) for making time and effort to come down. I truly appreciate each and everyone presence. XOXO

❦❦❦ 4th June ❦❦❦

Went to Salon Vim for scalp & hair treatment before meeting these lil darlings at Parkway. My lil sweethearts whom never fail to make me smile from the bottom of my heart despite of... Anything.

Yup. It was a simple Family BDay dinner.

❦❦❦ 5th June ❦❦❦

Mad pack Wed! My 1st trip tp Tokyo Bust Express (click HERE to see my blog review) and BDay P.A.R.T.Y (hell ya PARTY it was!) with my Crew!!!

From Champagne > Vodka > Barcadi > Vodka (again!) and many more! OMG! 

Yup - Where "JAL meets SQ and Scoot" LOL!

 With my ♡ DCXB Malissa! 
What else can I say... "I ♡ YOU MORE THAN I CAN SAY XIAO BIMBZ!"

Ben, Mal, Alicia, Hui Shan, Christina, Cindy
(You're being missed Maggie!)

=) Thanks Ben for the Champagne treat!

 Happy Anniversary my ♡s! 

The Awesome Trio: SQ-JAL-SQ
The June BDay Babies. Happy Belated BDay Handsome (Ryan)!!! 
Didn't know your BDate is 1 day earlier than me! HAHA!

=) 1 of my fave BDay pic too! Muacks DCXB for taking sucha good pic! Teehee!

♡ These Gals
And the party goes ON and ON...

❦❦❦ 6th June ❦❦❦

Despite the crazy party night, I could miraculously woke up and attended Givenchy Media event with HDs Fang!

Psst, this LOTD was created using Givenchy products. Yup, blog post coming up soon!

Givenchy Event with HDs Fang.

ICT-ian Gathering
Left: Maddy, Berilyn, Fang, Squid

It's been a LONG while since I last Beri and Squid. Miss you two so much! Glad we had this meet up before I flew to JFK! Am so looking forward on the next one already! *winkz*

❦❦❦ 7th June ❦❦❦

Brunch with my dearest Bro Guang Wei. There are some people whom we may not have met often but nonetheless, still able to chat for hours. Guang Wei is one of them. He's like my second elder brother - watch me from a 18-yr old 小妹妹 till now. He is among the rest of the T14 guys who stayed back and 'grilled' me on Statistics during Year 1. Without them, I would have probably failed my FS back then >.<" #memories

8th was my 'rest day' - well actually not really 'cause I was busying packing my luggage for my 8-day JFK flight.


❦❦❦ Coming Up: Belated BDay Celebration with Moi Angels ❦❦❦

;) I can't wait for the surprise the Angels have planned out for me! LOL! XOXO

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