SHuiYuki's Beauty Tips for Oily Eyelids

Hello All!

(>‿◠)✌ Today, I'm gonna share with you some of my makeup tips for oily eyelids! Read on!

HOW do you know if you have Oily Eyelids?

  • Do your eye makeup SMUDGE / CREASE easily?
  • Do you tend to look like a Panda (your upper eye makeup 'shifted downwards') during mid/end of the day?
  • Have you OVER APPLY your eye cream during your skincare regime?
    I.e. The eye cream was not absorbed into the skin fully, leaving a shiny & smooth surface on the entire eyelid. Unless this your night-time skincare regime; NEVER do that prior before your eye makeup. You WON'T want the after-effect trust me. :) #beenThereDoneThat
  • Are you SO frustrated with the 'Panda' mess that you won't want to apply any eye makeup to save yourself from looking awful?
If you have YES on the aforementioned - well well, don't worry. Everything has a solution and lemme share with ya my findings! #triedAndTested #bothWork&Play

Disclaimer FIRST (as always):

☑ You MAY NOT need all of the products mentioned later but they are my Precious when doing my eye makeup
☑ I'm not affiliated with any of the products mentioned or their distributors in Singapore.
☑ Some products are sponsored but I BOUGHT the rest with my own money!
☑ I always give my 100% honest thoughts be the products are sponsored or not.
☑ I only review sponsored products which I have tried on myself for a period of time to see if the products are effective on me before I recommend to my readers.
☑ My skin tone is fair + yellow-toned
☑ I'm having a combination & sensitive skin. If your skin condition are similar to mine, chances are my opinions are suitable for your consideration in purchasing the product.

Agreed to the aforementioned? (>‿♥) Then Let's GO ON!!!  


1) Be Gentle on Eye Care Regime. LESS IS MORE

Well, you do not need toooo much eye cream. A mere 2-4mm is enough for the entire eyelid. BE SURE that the eye cream/gel is FULLY absorbed into the skin, NOT leaving any shine or oily surface on the eyelids.

2) Eye Massage

Give your Window of your Soul a treat by doing simple eye massage while applying the eye cream. Simply tap from Inner-Outer of the eye until the eye cream is fully absorbed into the lids. DO NOT DRAG / PULL. This will damage the delicate skin and will cause pre-aging of the skin.


3) CONCEAL Any Imperfections

Conceal any dark circles/ discoloration around your eye. Use LIQUID/ GEL concealer to avoid cakey / fine lines which can be formed using stick concealer.

Choose SALMON colour (nearest to your skin colour) to neutralise with the dark circles. Never choose a shade lighter than your face colour as that  does not help to neutralise the yellowish-brown tone of your dark circles. Instead, that will create a GREY effect after covering the dark circles. ⊙.☉

Suggested Items:

Light-Med Coverage:
♡ Garnier Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll On
♡ Maybelline Mineral Healthy Natural Concealer

Med-Full Coverage:
♡ Amazing Cosmetics
♡ Bobbi Brown
♡ Makeup Forever HD Concealer

4) Set the Concealer using OIL-CONTROL POWDER

Set the perfectly concealed area that can control oil sebum so that the concealer will not crease/move throughout the day, destroying the entire eye makeup. Be sure to choose the fine, powdery texture so that your eye won't look heavy and cakey before any eye makeup.

Suggested Items:

♡ Urban Decay Razor Sharp Ultra Definition Finishing Powder
♡ Makeup Forever HD Powder

5) PRIME Your Eyes

Top-Bottom: UD Primer Potion in Original and Eden (Matt finish)

I can't emphasize enough on how IMPORTANT to prep your eyes using Eye Primer. Although they are a must-have (for me), please use an APPROPRIATE AMOUNT. SQUEEZE A SMALL DOT size . <--- or 2-3mm size is enough if you are using Urban Decay Primer Potion (above) and gently spread across your entire eyelid. You seriously don't need too much of it. A subtle amount is enough to hold the entire eye makeup for the entire day. It held my eye makeup well for more than 14hour (JFK) flight.



*Ahem* There IS a difference between water-proof and smudge-proof. They do not share the same definition. Smudge-proof mean they do not dissolve with oil sebum and cause the makeup to crease. But that doesn't mean they are water-proof too. So do be careful and feel free to ask any BA if you need further enquiries.

♡ MAC Paint Pot in Base Study (Shimmer), Soft Orche (Matt)
♡ Benefit Creaseless Shadow
♡ Makeup Forever Aqua Cream Psst, I applied this during my Ditching when I was in Scoot. Imagine I jumped off from the dummy Aircraft into a 3m deep pool and came up look normal and they did not even moved a bit! 100% Waterproof indeed! *Thumbs Up*


Suggested Items:

Liquid Eyeliner:
♡ DollyWink Liquid Eyeliner
♡ K-Palette Liquid Eyeliner
♡ Kiss Me Liquid Eyeliner
♡ Catrice Liquid Eyeliner *Not shown*

Gel Eyeliner:
♡ CATRICE Gel Eyeliner
♡ Tony Moly
♡ Bobbi Brown
♡ MAC Fluid Liner Psst, and yes, I wore this during the ditching too and it did move a teeny bit but did not make me look like a clown when I reached the water surface. Not bad!

Not use to liquid or gel eyeliner? Fret not, get a Gel PENCIL Eyeliner instead! They draw/glide smoothly onto the eyelid and they STAY INTACT (for 8-10hour) too!

Am loving this Gelmatic Pen from L'Oreal and they have even have a sharpener to re-define the edges!

Suggested Items:

♡ L'Oreal Super Liner Gelmatic Eyeliner
♡ Sephora 24-hr Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner
♡ DollyWink Pencil Eyeliner
♡ CLIO Pencil Eyeliner

≧^◡^≦ Hope you find the aforementioned useful and have fun!!!

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  1. hello i was wondering where did you get the catrice eyeliner gel from? i have been looking all over for it.

  2. Hello!

    :) You can get them at any CATRICE makeup stands actually. I'd gotten mine at CATRICE @ Guardian Parkway Parade.


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