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Hello hello!!!

Ok. Enough of some reviews. Now here are some photos taken with Scoot Airline for their upcoming collaboration with.... :X Sorry can't reveal here now BUT you guys will know it sooner or later! Teehee!

My fave picture of all. Thanks Xavien!!! =)

As a cabin crew; it makes more sense for us to conduct photoshoot at the Airport right? HAHA! Actually nah, it just a lame excuse 'cause it's the only venue where all of us know how to get there without asking for directions. LOL!!!

(Left-Right): Batch Girl Vanessa, Me, Michelle and Yoga
With Xavien our wonderful & funny photographer of the Day!

Moreover, I just gotten to know that he is my friend's ex-colleague! HAHA!Sucha small world afterall!

With Pretty Yoga

Actually, you guys should be familiar with her too as she has appear in many Scoot activities and is almost like Scoot ambassador - same as my fellow batch girl Felicia too!

Please be nice and show some love to them people!!! :)

Van, Xan & SHui
To my fellow Scootees,

It has truly been my pleasure and honour flying around (some parts of) the World with you guys.

We worked hard.
And yes we play even HARDER (after flights) too!

Many thanks for making each and every of my flight a superb memorable one!

Also, thank You for teaching & guiding me on how to become a good Cabin Crew.

I'll miss you guys - the Joy, Tears & Laughter we once had together.

You're indeed my another great way to fly.
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