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*clears throat* #iKnowiKnow my blog has becoming more of a commercial aka advertorial blog. Please forgive me for that. To be honest with you guys, I was busy with training/ flying/ settling some personal issues that I really, did not have the mood, time & effort to do a proper blog posting.

BUT nevertheless, whatever I'd blogged is still solely based on my personal opinion/ thoughts after using the product. And I NEVER post for the sake of posting (be it pressured by any companies whatsoever). #thisIPromiseYou

And some have asked me why I no longer post #monthlyFavourites and the reason so is because:

  1. I want to try & FINISH the product on myself before I can share the results with you guys! I must convince myself that the product(s) DO work before sharing with you all.

And that, took me several months, or 1 year 'coz I have TOO MANY unfinished/ brand new products waiting for me to use em all! *sweat*

(ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥ Of coz, I must thank the companies who still believing in me and trusting my testimonials (be it good or bad) shared on my social media. "Thank You so much. Really appreciate it :)"

With that, this is my utmost pleasure to share with you on my 

I will be splitting Best of 2014 into several categories so that you guys will not be scrolling so much. HAHA!

Without further ado, LET'S DIG IN!!!! ❤

Some disclaimer FIRST:

☑ I only review sponsored products/services which I have tried on myself personally to see if the products are effective on me before I recommend to my readers.

Which is probably why some companies totally loath me for not posting my entry on time. Please, if I have not tried the products and do the entry for the sake of blogging just to submit before deadline, there is no creditability at all and it will also affect the Company's reputation right?

☑ All my reviews are 100% based on my HONEST opinions and not from the press release from the Company. I'm pretty sure my readers are internet savy to find out the ingredients etc.

☑ I'm having a combination & sensitive skin + yellow undertone. If your skin condition are similar to mine, chances are my opinions are suitable for your consideration in purchasing the product.

Agreed to the aforementioned? (>‿♥) Then Let's GO ON!!!   


Trust me, I'm SUPER PICKY about selecting makeup remover as my 1st skincare routine as I wanna make sure that they:
  1. Truly does their job - i.e. removing ALL makeup residue without tugging/ drying up my skin
  2. NOT TOO OILY - I don't like to have that 'oily sensation' feel after removing my makeup. Feels as though the makeup are not thoroughly remove from my face :(
  3. Does not provoke (cause redness) my skin - my skin is rather sensitive thus too strong makeup remover will tend to cause redness / red patches on my skin after removing my makeup.
And I'd been using the following (below) for YEARS! At least minimum 5 YEARS till date and I can assure you that they are among the BEST MAKEUP REMOVER I HAVE EVER USE!!!

Photo credit:

Have always wanted to try this product after watching the product introduction by renowned Makeup Guru Ms Lisa Eldridge on YouTube and my 1st bottle was bought in 2012 when they first launch in Singapore. Yes, I paid S$25.90 for 250ml *OUCH*

And I began to stock up whenever I had my Paris flights during my JAL days and really, visiting pharmacies is a must-visit trip for me whenever I head to Paris. #nopeNotChanelLV LOL!

For me, it doesn't cause any redness or breakouts (unlike for some of my colleagues who tried but unfortunately doesn't work well for them) and it removes all traces of makeup effectively after 2 wipes*.  And a 500ml can last me up to 5-6MONTHS considering I use it everyday!!! AWESOME!!!

Downside: Pricing. OMG it's SO EXPENSIVE in Singapore compare to other countries (Paris/ Japan/ Hong Kong). E.g: Hong Kong is selling S$20 for a 500ml whilst SG is selling $39.90 (after Sales) #whyOhWhy -_________-"
  • Been Using For: 3 Years
  • Available: Major WATSONS/ GUARDIAN outlet
  • Price: Ard SGD$15 (100ml) onwards 
  • Not sponsored
  • *: No of cotton pad used
Photo Credit: 
My ultimate #swearBy + #mustHave in SG & ALL my outstations! (╥﹏╥) And I cannot believe I could not find this holy product in Japan for 2 freakin' years! I searched high & low in Aeon Mall/ Matsumoto Yaku/ all beauty/ skincare/ drugstore stores to no avail! 

Yah, the only few places I can find and stock up are: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand. Hur hur hur...

Anyone who uses mascara will feel this: ever tried to remove them especially waterproof ones and looking like a panda after that? TRUST ME. THIS BABY WORKS LIKE A MAGIC!

I always use waterproof mascara and I have 0 issues looking like a panda after removing them using this BABY! I always use 1 wipe* for each eye to remove ALL traces of mascara/ eyeliner and eyelash glue! Of course la, I uses both sides of the wipe to ensure all eye makeup are removed.

Downside: Please shake the bottle WELL so that the oil & water solution will blend well together to achieve maximum results.
  • Been Using For: 6 Years
  • Available: Major WATSONS/ GUARDIAN/ NTUC Fairprice/ GIANT outlet
  • Price: Ard SGD$12.90 (UP $15.90) 
  • Not sponsored
  • *: No of cotton pad used
Photo Credit: 

LOL! Ok, 我老了. #timeForSomeAgeCareStuff. I still remembered clearly the first time I bought this bottle (not Age Care, but Moist):

I was at randomly finding makeup remover at Watsons while waiting for someone. Yah, the person was so late that I could actually have the luxury to roam around and SQUAT up & down to scan through all the latest skincare products on the bottom shelves. There, I spotted this bottle (below) and read their English translation:

Photo credit:

"Removes ALL traces of Makeup!!!
NO NEED TO WASH after removing!!!
Moisturizer is included in this Bottle!!!"

Holy mama. Sounds damn good deal for a lazy arse like me! Tried and I was sold. All it take was 2-3 wipes* to thoroughly remove all the makeup and I ever once slept without washing (๏̯͡๏ OMG I can't believe I actually did that when I was in my early 20s. Tsk Tsk) AND NOPE! I DID NOT suffer any redness or breakout thus I have been recommending whoever needs a good makeup remover and lazy to wash off (at times). EXCELLENT consideration for party-goers. *Winks*

Downside: Age Care has this slightly thicker texture compare to Moist and it leaves a sticky feeling after removing the makeup. But it isn't much of a big issue for me as I will always cleanse 'em off after that. #noMoreLaziness
  • Been Using For: 7 Years
  • Available: Major WATSONS/ GUARDIAN / GIANT outlet
  • Price: Ard SGD$13.90 onwards 
  • Not sponsored
  • *: No of cotton pad used


There are tonnes of different facial wash in the current market which drive many people crazy - different texture/ functions/ effects etc~

For me, I have combination + sensitive skin (yah. #tellMeAboutIt) meaning I can't have a product that is too strong/harsh that wipe all the moisture on my skin AND I can't have a product that is too mild until excess sebum clogs up my pores due to my combination skin condition. -____-" *Sigh* #1stWorldFacialProblems

After trying out various brands of facial wash, here are my TOP 4 FAVES:


Photo Credit: 

Created by renowned Taiwanese skincare guru Nu Er 老師, this product is comparable to Kawaii Tokyo Nature Break facial wash - i.e. skin feels smooth and supple, and skin does not feel tight after wash. For me, I use this product alone when I'm not wearing makeup and uses about size of 0.8cm to cleanse my face and neck.

For some, you may like the rose scent from the facial wash as well. *Winks*
  • Been Using For: 1 Year
  • Available: Major WATSONS outlet
  • Price: Ard SGD$13.90 onwards 
  • Not sponsored

Photo Credit:

I came across this brand when I was 21 and I had been using this faithfully until it slowly fade out from Singapore years back. #whyOhWhy

Nature Break, unlike any other commercial facial wash catered for sensitive skin, is a fragance-free + whitening + hydrating + anti-aging facial wash that does not leave any smooth layer after wash but yet, it does not give a tugging sensation (skin feels tight) after patting dry. It is truly an amazing product but most unfortunately, it has face out from Singapore and I have 0 clue to find them elsewhere in the market today.

All you need is to squeeze out a 0.5cm (aka small pea size) amount and that's more than enough to cleanse the whole face and neck!
  • Been Using For: 4 Years
  • Available: Discontinued in SG :(
  • Price: Ard SGD$21.90 
  • Not sponsored

Photo Credit:

=^^= Was given this product 2 years back and I had brought it with me wherever I go! This cleansing foam is extremely gentle on my skin yet compliment super well after my Green Bean scrub, leaving my skin smooth, soft and supple! EXCELLENT COMBI with the Green Bean Scrub!!!

Downside: Pricing. Let's see if my dearest Isabel Beauty Creation folks will read this and do any exclusive promo for my readers! TEEHEE! #hintHint
My ultimate #mustHave + #holyGrail facial wash of ALL TIME! I always beg my GFs to buy for me whenever they went to Taiwan! This bottle of wholesome goodness really does the following claims:
  • Deep cleanse
  • Refreshing
  • Massage (details later)
I always use this gentle facial scrub on an almost daily basis after removing my makeup. Yes, some may feel it too often to use this product but I beg to differ. Those who I'd shared this skincare secret of mine will agree with me too. As long as you do not scrub too harshly (as though you are scrubbing a floor *LOL*), the gentle bean residue will actually acts as a Massage as it promotes blood circulation when doing circular motion and that's when skin starts to improve (removal of dead skin and new cell rejuvenation). Legit isn't it?
This bottle last me for about 3-4months and a teaspoon is provided as well. Simply scoop 1 teaspoon provided and mix well with water. Mix well to a gluey paste.

Remember: DO NOT scrub too vigorously. Do it in a soft, gentle circular motion! :)

Downside: Not available in Singapore. Get your friends to bring back for ya when they go over to Taiwan!
  • Been Using For: 4 Years
  • Available: Taiwan Watsons / Sasa Outlet
  • Price: Ard SGD$4.5
  • Not Sponsored


Photo Credit: 

It's no secret and I had share this beauty find in my Instagram earlier on.
This skin conditioner works exceptionally well even when I did not apply further skincare products! It really leaves a supple soft finish on my skin after spraying & patting them!
And another plus point will  be that generous amount (500ml)! I have been using them on my entire body as well which aid to control my eczema condition too! Amazing!!!
  • Been Using For: 1.5 Years
  • Available: Tokyo Hands/ Sasa / Watsons / Beauty Store along Bugis Junction
  • Price: SGD$10.90
  • Not Sponsored

Photo Credit:


Especiallyy those who are operating long-haul flights, our skin tend to be super dry and we all know spraying water does WORSE damage by drying our skin even faster! #cabinCrewWoes
Was given this by Isabel Beauty and I have been using it on EVERY JAL flight. Many crew were curious and had fell in love with this product after using it after crew rest. My God, aside the refreshing scent & sensation feel, we agreed that our skin weren't dry and was well-moisten even we completed a 13-hr flight!

Downside: Nope, not available in Japan but exclusively at Isabel Beauty Creation!


Photo Credit:

I'm always a STRONG believer + 0 excuses for not having a well hydrated skin. Yes, it takes time & effort to improve/ maintain One's complexion unless you have the extra budget to do botox/ fillers/ aesthetic facial treatments. #sorryMissyHereIsABrokeFSS *LOL*

Aside my trusty Hydra Intensive Facial Treatment from Isabel Beauty Creation, Serum is the next best thing for skin to fully absorb, promoting cell rejuvenation and maintaining skin hydration (aka YOUTH)

Don't judge by the petite size (30ml), this lil miracle last me for 5 MONTHS despite using it on daily basis (2 drops for day/ 1 drop for night). Simply pat or upward circular motion until the serum is fully absorb into the skin.
  • Been Using For: 1 Year
  • Available: Sasa Outlet
  • Price: SGD$31 (*SALE: BUY 1 at 50% OFF*)
  • Not Sponsored

Ahhh~ The luxury of GOLD. YES. Pure gold (99.9%) comes in a VERY soft foil and easily absorb into the skin. Was in a beauty company many years back and I was given the honour to try out the GOLD facial back then and yes, you have my word pure gold CAN be absorb into the skin! And I'm SO glad that Isabel Beauty Creation has bring in this luxury item into Singapore!!!

Aside from the luxury feel, PURE GOLD DOES ANTI-AGING & promoting radiant, glowing skin! This bottle last me for 3months (1pump for day/ 2pumps at night)


Photo Credit: Yours Truly :)

As quoted by my previous testimony:
✓ Brightening
✓ Skin look more pumped up (aka youthful-looking)
✓ Reduce of fine lines around the mouth area 
✓ Product absorb very quickly into the skin, leaving NO sticky residue behind

Photo Credit: Yours Truly :)

Photo Credit: Yours Truly :)

As much as I use makeup products that have SPF PA++ function, I still believe that a sunscreen protection should come from a reputable company that specializes in sun protection.

I was given the above 2 years back and true enough, I really love the texture (nope, not sticky unlike some sunblock) and the cooling sensation from their watery cool menthol range.

I use SPF 130PA++ for work (kaisu-ism at its best LOL) and SPF 75 PA++ for normal activites.
  • Been Using For: 3 Years
  • Available: Major WATSONS/ Guardian/ Beauty Stores
  • Price: Around SGD$12.90++ onwards
  • Sponsored 2 years ago. Have been repurchasing them ever since.

Photo Credit:

*HAHA* This mask leaves a very joyous impression for me. Mainly:
  • My JAL batchies always apply this EVERY NIGHT after training
  • We used to scare ourselves silly by putting on the mask and went to each other (hotel) room + wearing yukata 浴衣*LOL*
Ok, aside these memorable nonsense *HAHA*

These mask really provide the necessary moisturizing goodness that leave our skin fairly hydrated during our 3-month stay in Japan. Note: It was late winter - early spring when we stayed there. 

Therefore, it is suitable to use in Singapore too and won't cause any breakout as it is not over moisturizing. :) 
  • Been Using For: 3 Years
  • Available: Matsumoto Yaku 松本葯
  • Price: 880yen 
  • Not Sponsored

My #mustHave after every flight and I always carried 1 box with me for every outstation! This is a highly intensive moisturizing mask and I always put them into the hotel fridge before going for shower and apply them straight after toner. I solemnly swear, this mask really hydrates my face and no further skincare is required (even for Winter season!!!). Mask and off I went to sleep!

^^v Have recommended this brand to some of my current fellow batchies and they too, love the after effect the mask brings. One may consider using this in Singapore IF you have very dry skin OR came back from a very dry conditioned place (e.g. aircraft/ super cold office)
  • Been Using For: 1.5 Years
  • Available: Sasa Outlet
  • Price: SGD$16.90 (*Sale: Buy 1 Get 1 FREE*
  • Not Sponsored


Photo Credit:

Was given this to try with compliments from GushCloud and MDD Cosmeceutical and I really enjoy this product even though it was not meant for any advertorial returns. 

Unlike other sleeping masks with leave a 'silicone smooth' finish, this sleeping mask really absorbs into the skin and despite not leaving any 'silicone smooth' finish, my face did not feel dry or tightening effect the next day. BEST of all, my skin look well-moisturized and looking supple throughout the entire day!

Brought this baby to on my NRT-JFK flight and it work surprisingly well on both Japan & New York too! *Thumbs up* 
I sincerely hope my above findings are of some help to you guys and please share with me if you have tried/ know other brands that maybe effective for us too! #shareIsCare #letsCreateAMoreGraciousSociety

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