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=^^= Oh yesh, welcome to a BRAND NEW REVAMPED BLOG (#likeAFINALLY #ikr) after 3 YEARS! TEEHEE! Hope you guys like the simple, clean outlook as much as I do and I promise MORE EXCITING STUFF will be coming along with this REVAMPED OUTLOOK!


Honestly speaking, I would have thought that this will be the easiest BEST OF 2014 blog post. Reason being:

✔ Cheeks what?! 
Can't be putting other colours aside Pink/ Orange right?? R.I.G.H.T. -____-"

✔ Highlighter 
Either skin tone colour or light beige/ nude isn't it?

I thought I would have just select 10 blusher MAX. BUT I WAS SO WRONG. *Oops*

There are times whereby I apply two blush colours (sound ridiculous IF you are thinking of applying 2 contrasting colours beside each other) to create a GRADIENT flush. Haha! Yah, GRADIENT looks were sucha hit in 2014 all thanks to the Korean #1 drama 來自星星的你 (You came from The Stars). 

Without further ado, LET'S DIG IN!!!! ❤

I will be splitting Best of 2014 into several categories so that you guys will not be scrolling so much. HAHA!


Some disclaimer FIRST:

☑ I only review sponsored products/services which I have tried on myself personally to see if the products are effective on me before I recommend to my readers.

Which is probably why some companies totally loath me for not posting my entry on time. Please, if I have not tried the products and do the entry for the sake of blogging just to submit before deadline, there is no creditability at all and it will also affect the Company's reputation right?

☑ All my reviews are 100% based on my HONEST opinions and not from the press release from the Company. I'm pretty sure my readers are internet savy to find out the ingredients etc.

☑ I'm having a combination & sensitive skin + yellow undertone. If your skin condition are similar to mine, chances are my opinions are suitable for your consideration in purchasing the product.

Agreed to the aforementioned? (>‿♥) Then Let's GO ON!!!   

(NOT in order)

Photo Credit: 

People who know me will know I can go on and on about my #1 drugstore makeup brand!!! TEEHEE!

Aside from their chic packing (which reminded me alot of the previous Shu Uemura packaging), they have excellent colour payoff , generous amount, great colour pigmentation and long-wearing too! Definitely money worthy for a daily blush without burning a hole in your pocket! *Thumbs Up*

My favourite blush colours will be:
✔ 070 Tinkerbelle (Fushia Pink)
✔ 090 Mandy-rine (Soft coral pink, more toward orange-y colour)

Downside: It does not come along with those small blush applicator (which doesn't matter to me anyhow as I will be using my trusty MAC #168 blush brush). So you may need to get a blush brush either from CATRICE brush selection or at any beauty stores.
  • Been Using For: 1.5 Years
  • Available: Major Guardian Outlets
  • Price: SGD$7.90 
  • Sponsored

Photo Credit: 

Bet you guys will have known by now that Essence is a baby sister company of CATRICE - by saying baby sister = same makeup qualities as CATRICE BUT in a MUCH MORE AFFORABLE PRICE!!!

Having said that, CATRICE is already damn affordable (with items not more than $10.90 MAX); Essence pricing is guaranteed to be affordable for ALL (aka lower la)! (⊙.⊙(☉̃ₒ☉)⊙.⊙)

My favourite has gotta be this coral orange (similar to Many-rine but slightly darker) matte blush. Buildable (i.e. One can apply 2-3times to achieve their desirable shade) and yet pigmented at the same time! Longveity was ok - it lasted me around 6hours (normal office working hour) before fading off.

Downside: No blush applicator but seriously, I really can't complain about this product - it is definitely way beyond the pricing can offer! 
  • Been Using For: 1.5 Years
  • Available: Major WATSONS Outlets
  • Price: Ard SGD$5.90 
  • Not Sponsored

Photo Credit:

It is commonly known that Etude House always present very cute & princessy packaging for all its products, especially their popular Lovely Cookie Blushers!!! *Awwwww*

Yes, I do have a soft spot for kawaii packaging and asides that, their colour pigmentation are as equally good as other makeup companies too! The blush colour lasted approximatedly 7-8hr before fading off. Pretty good I should say.

My favourite blush colour will be:
✔ #6 Grapefruit Jelly (Matte Coral Pink)

  • Been Using For: 1.5 Years
  • Available: Etude House Outlets
  • Price: Ard SGD$12.90 
  • Not Sponsored

Photo Credit: Yours truly :)

Photo Credit: 

≧^◡^≦ My GFs were rather surprise that I recommend them the above blusher colour for their consideration (since many of them are about the same skin tone as me):

"HUH, the colour so PURPLE PINK?! YOU SURE NOT?! U want me look like a 怪胎 weirdo right?!"


(¬‿¬) Don't get shock by the colour you see on the Pan my child~ Nobody ask you to apply too strongly onto your cheeks right??? 

I don't deny, this is a rather strong purple pink blush. BUT! One just need to use a VERY SUBTLE AMOUNT to produce a fairly healthy pink on the cheeks! I will recommend this colour to light - medium skintone (esp yellow undertone as the purple tone from the blush will help to radiate the skin tone)

Downside: No blush indicator and CandyDoll has come up with a new duo blush range (a mixture of Strawberry Pink & Peach Pink) and smaller quantity. 
  • Been Using For: 3 Years
  • Available: Major WATSONS Outlets
  • Price: Ard SGD$24.90 
  • Not Sponsored

Photo Credit:

Been using this cream-to-powder blush almost everyday (all thanks to my Scootie darling Kendra who bought this for me on her Korea trip! Kamsahamida! ❤)

Hmmm, I do NOT use this blush alone, BUT I use this colour as a base FIRST before patting on my powder blush of the day. This will not just make my powder blush long-lasting, but also act as a blush 'primer' to accentuate my powder colour "true to (colour is seen on the) Pan"

Downside: Not officially in Singapore. But I'd seen shops / small stores selling 3CE stuff. Not sure about their authenticity though. #buyAtYourOwnRisk
  • Been Using For: 1 Years
  • Available: Official 3CE website
  • Price: Ard SGD$11.90 
  • Not Sponsored
Photo Credit:

Korean makeup is creating HUGE storm in the Makeup world and more and more Korean makeup brands have been vigorously coming out to have their fair share in the 'makeup pie' as compared to 2010 (where I only see Missha, The Face Shop, Skin Food)

Yah, I myself also gotten lost track to many new Korean makeup brands today but thanks to Internet + YouTube + Beauty Forums, I have know more new makeup brands and fortunately, some even landed onto our local Sunny island! *WOOHOO!*

:P But how I gotten know Too Cool For School was beyond the aforementioned norms:

Fang: Eh Hui (that's what my GFs call me), you know this brand Too Cool For School?

Me: Oh, yah I saw (at FEP). Selling art supplies to Secondary School people right? My goodness, so atats (sophisticated) these kids nowadays *shakes head*



#dontLikeThat #notKoreanBrandSavyButJapaneseBrandSavyOk #LOL

Bought 2 of their Top Makeup products and they are indeed worth every cent purchased.

I use this cream-to-powder blush on both my cheeks and lips as base FIRST before layering my lip colour. I bought PINK, which is a very light baby pink colour and I either use 3CE or this as my cheek base. Helps to promote my overall blush longevity. *Thumbs up*

Downside: It is notttt a must have but you may wish to consider CREAM blush if you have DRY skin as powder blush will accenture and draw attention to fine lines/ flaky skin.
  • Been Using For: 2 Years
  • Available: Too Cool For School Outlets
  • Price: Ard SGD$6.90 
  • Not Sponsored

Photo Credit:

Not sure if La Femme is still manufacturing for Napoleon Perdis till date (a famous Australia makeup brand) but if you are a Napoleon Perdis user and have purchased their products 3-4yrs back; YES! That's the SAME quality as La Femme but La Femme is retailing at A QUARTER of Napoleon Perdis price!!! *Whistles*

Gotten to know of this brand through YouTube Makeup Guru MissChievious (aka Julia Graf) and have tried out several colours from their Blush on Rouge collection.

If YOU are a makeup artiste, or a makeup junkie...

✔ Extremely Pigmented
Generous Quantity
Super Long-Wearing (with / without primer)
Comes in VARIOUS shades for suitable for ALL skin colours!

Downside: Not available in Singapore but you can order through this website (below) and the waiting time (delivery) is about 5-7 working days for normal Global mail postage.
  • Been Using For: 1.5 Years
  • Available: Makeup Mania Website
  • Price: Ard SGD$7.20 (USD$5.10 exclusive shipping)
  • Not Sponsored


Photo credit: Yours truly :)

My #1 highlighter for daily/ event makeup. I SUPER SUPER LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! 

I always have this logic thinking a Highlighter should or rather, must escalate the features wherever light shines. #legitRight 

Tried many so-called highlighters in the current SG market but sadly, they seems to work as a concealer more, than a highlighting product. *Tsk tsk*

Downside: DISCONTINUED. (╥︣﹏᷅╥᷅) WHY OH WHY!!! I didn't expect sucha awesome product will be discontinued in the Asian market! Talked to 1 of the BA at my nearby WATSONS outlet and we both agreed this product should NOT be discontinued and is really damn money-worthy and works as great (or better) as any high-end highlighters!!!
  • Been Using For: 2 Years
  • Available: Discountinued
  • Price: SGD$22.90 
  • Sponsored
Read my review: CLICK HERE

(NOT in order)


Photo Credit:

;) I shouldn't be talking more about MAC right since many people I know (makeup junkies or not), know MAC pretty well.

Danity is a coral blush with gold shimmers thus its a good-for-daily-wear-blush as the overall effects will perks up One's complexion effortlessly. Do consider this blush is you have that extra budget for a slight high-end makeup. =) MAC certainly won't disappoint ya!

Downside: Have you ever wonder why MAC does not provide mini applicators along with their makeup products? Well, it was meant for MUA/ theatrical makeup when they first started and all MUA own their full size makeup brushes.
Thus I guess this tradition still remain - meaning: Use full size makeup tools!
  • Been Using For: 3 Years
  • Available: MAC Outlets
  • Price: Ard SGD$36.90 
  • Not Sponsored


Photo Credit:

Many people I know will want to lay their hands on this lovely + limited edition sheen highlighter but it is always SOLD OUT WITHIN the first few hour after launch in Singapore! #ohMyGod

:D *BIG GRINS* And I'm not shy to share that I bought this baby when I was in USA. *LOL* #haoLian-ingInProcess

You may seen some Blues/ Pinks/ Yellows swirling around but they produce a very nice light beige sheen colour after swirling them together. It is not shimmery + prominent as The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer (which is more golden-yellowish) but Lightscapde give out the subtle glow and the colour is more suitable for light- fair medium skin tone.

Downside: Limited Edition. Not available in MAC counters anymore
  • Been Using For: 2.5 Years
  • Available: MAC Outlets
  • Price: Ard SGD$36.90 
  • Not Sponsored
Photo Credit:

:D I shall name this Blush as 'Most High-Tech Blusher Ever'. Haha!


✔ Claims to adjust the blush colour ACCORDING to individual skin colour
✔ 1 colour suits ALL (skin colour)
✔ A single sweep on the cheeks for subtle natural blush, Double sweep for a more intensive flush

Sounds too good to be true right? Yah, that was my first thought too when I read about the then-new arrival on HER WORLD magazine years back. So I went to the Dior counter at Isetan Scotts and the BA did the test on me. OH.MY.GOD! <('o'<)~

The colour didn't appear right away after the 1st sweep and the BA told me to wait for a few seconds more. And true enough, the colour slowly, gradually appear out on my skin, matching my face flush colour PERFECTLY! #winLiao 

My reach-to blusher whenever I'm in a hurry or staycations.

Downside: Pricing. -___-" #butThenAgainItsDior
  • Been Using For: 2-3 Years
  • Available: DIOR Beauty Counters
  • Price: SGD$72.00
  • Not Sponsored

Photo Credit:

NARS is one of those few blush (aside La Femme) that can stay on my cheeks throughout the ENTIRE DAY (longest: 20hr) without primer or cream blush!

Extremely pigmented, I just merely dipped my blush brush onto the colour and gently sweep across my cheeks. One must not apply too harshly/strongly  when using NARS blush unless you want the effect of a Baboon arse. LOL!

Been using for YEARS and the colour hasn't even hit the base yet! HAHA! Money worthy (S$50)? Not really but I'm also not complaining. LOL!

And I'm glad it has arrives to Singapore... FINALLY! WOOHOO!

My favourite blush colours will be:
✔ Deep Throat (Slightly Shimmery Deeper Coral Pink)
✔ Desire (Matte Fushia Pink)
✔ Sex Appeal (Matte Baby Coral Orange)

Downside: It shatters easily when dropped onto a hard flooring. My GF blusher shattered into pieces after dropping it onto the floor. *OUCH* #iFeelYou
  • Been Using For: 0.5 - 3Years
  • Available: NARS Beauty Counters
  • Price: SGD$50.00 
  • Not Sponsored


If you are into extreme highlighting effects, this golden-yellow highlighter is definitely a MUST HAVE for ya! =)

Cream-Powdery texture that glides on the skin smoothly, creating a very obvious highlighting effect! For me, I will use this occasionally when my skin looks tried/ dry.

Strongly recommended for women of colour, dry skin complexion.

Downside: Actually~ Not that I can think of. =))
  • Been Using For: 2.5 Years
  • Available: Sasa Beauty Outlets
  • Price: SGD$36.90
  • Not Sponsored

Photo Credit:

Remember I mentioned I SPENT 7-8 MONTHS searching high & low in US for this baby man! Don't think I have ever spent so much time & effort (to think I can actually remember for so long. #yahIHaveMemoryProblemMostOfTheTime) to search for an item.

And my effort really paid off. Yes, they are shimmery BUT their sparkles are not huge shimmery sparkles that can look quite fake when you see real life. BEST OF ALL, their light reflecting sparkles diminishes any visible pores making skin look damn flawless and radiant! Use Incandescent (light pink) for my cheeks and Dim (light yellow) on my nose bridge. =)

Downside: Not available in Singapore + Pricing.
  • Been Using For: 0.5 Years
  • Available: US Sephora Outlet
  • Price: US $79.00 
  • Not Sponsored
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