SHuiYuki's review on L'Oreal Lucent Magique Part II

=| Have you ever thought if One (common girl like You & I) can own celebrity PORCELAIN FLAWLESS RADIANT SKIN for just freaking ONE DAY??!

OMG having a smooth flawless radiant really win over those face heavily piled up with makeup and like seriously, we are now belong to a whole new era where LESS IS MORE. Yes, even including makeup!

Look at all these trending K-Pop stars now!!! NONE of them wear super heavy make up and ALL of them are portraying healthy natural healthy look to the Public!!! (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥

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(Image grabbed from BOA wikipedia)
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(Image grabbed from

Saw the similarities? All of them are owning effortlessly radiant skin. The ONLY makeup can be found are just simple eye makeup and eyeliner. OMG! LOVE IT!!! ❤

And just when I personally thought it must be their ginseng/kimchi/ korean herbs *LMAO* or their  BB or CC cream that perform its magic - I WAS WRONG!!!

I WAS UTTERLY SURPRISED WHEN I TRIED THIS PRODUCT during the blogger event and is convinced that ALL OF US CAN ALSO OWN THOSE RADIANT SKIN like them too!!!

TAKE A STEP CLOSER and say HELLO! to these Holy Grails for K-Pop Flawless skin finish!


 Click on the Image to find out how 梅林老师 uses L'Oreal Lucent Magique and 
perform the MAGIC!

Some disclaimer FIRST:

☑ I only review sponsored products which I have tried on myself for a period of time to see if the products are effective on me before I recommend to my readers.

Which is probably why some companies totally loath me for not posting my entry on time. Please, if I have not tried the products and do the entry for the sake of blogging just to submit before deadline, there is no creditability at all and it will also affect the Company's reputation right?

☑ All my reviews are 100% based on my HONEST opinions and not from the press release from the Company. I'm pretty sure my readers are internet savy to find out the ingredients etc.

☑ I'm having a combination & sensitive skin + yellow undertone. If your skin condition are similar to mine, chances are my opinions are suitable for your consideration in purchasing the product.

Agreed to the aforementioned? (>‿♥) Then Let's GO ON!!!  
I was invited by the L'Oreal team to head down to their bloggers event and am excited to see them for the first time as well to meet beauty bloggers who shared the same interest and passion as me! And boy was I glad to bump into Valerie & Vivian!!!

The Product Manager was demonstrating to us the CCTV Technique on how to apply Lucent Magique

What's CCTV Technique?

CC - Apply 2 large 'C' shape onto the cheeks for instant glamorously defined cheeks
T - Highlight the Upper Brow and Nose area for a more sculpted face finish
V - Make a small 'V' shape on the chin to frame the face for a radiant 3-D look

AHH... The makeup secrets of having K-POP radiant healthy skin!

 First apply the Primer
 Now.. the CCTV technique
 Using the Touch of Light Pen to bring out the features even MORE!
  Apply finishing powder (or compact powder) to set the makeup
 TADAHHH~!!! Did you see the difference?! OMG!
 There are 6 different shades so there should be a shade for almost everyone!!! WOOHOO!

 A group photo before the event ends!

.__________." You won't believe that I will just end this blog post with all these event pictures right?! *Silence...*

As I always say, the #makeUpJunkieSpiritNeverDies and of course I will need to try the product a couple of times before introducing to you all right?! HAHA!!!

Seriously, I swear to God that I just wanna protray the popular Korean Ulzzang look and simply uses the L'Oreal Lucent Magique Face Primer & Touch of Light Pen for my face ONLY! And see the results for yourself people!!!

PS: ABSOLUTELY NO PHOTOSHOP! Daytime Sunlight works its magic on my face (and camera) too!

 Close up of my face
 Another close up on my face

(✿◠‿◠) The only makeup I emphasize were on my eyes - MAC Bare Study Paint Pot and CLIO Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Purple to line up my eyes! Benefit They're Real Mascara and JeweLove Eyelashes!

I didn't even apply blusher on my cheeks! (Reason being I forgot :X)

See how the primer and the highlighter pen perform their magic on commoners?! HAHA! They provide subtle glow WITHOUT overdo it - giving your skin a makeup-less (effortless) radiant healthy look!

And if you are in a hurry - simply slap on the primer and using the highlight pen to highlight your cheeks, bridge of your nose and chin! That's it! You are all ready to head out looking effortless radiant chic!

To get YOU guys even more convince into this product like me *LOL* , I shall show you guy some BEFORE-AFTER photos!!!

Note: They are NOT photoshopped/tweaked to trick you guys into believing. I believe in Karma. Thanks. :)
 Before. My *ahem* DRY hands -_____-"
BEFORE condition:
☑ Visible fine lines
☑ Visible sun spots *ARGH*
☑ Dry and semi-wrinkled condition

-____-" I really can't believe I have to show you guys this... #Sigh #ThoseSacrifices

 A pearl-size drop of L'Oreal Lucent Magique Face Primer, S$24.90

Notice there's a tint of Silver when hit upon light reflection. YOU ARE NOT SEEING THINGS.

This is part of the Liquid-Light technology which will help to reflect light on your face to give that 3D Sculpted look!

 First application

DO NOT FRET. The trick is to 'set' the primer by leaving them for 2-3minute. Hmmm.. Just take this 2-3minute to sort out the rest of the makeup and outfit of the day. AH.. You won't know.. Your 2-3minute will be up by then. Hehe! ;)

Side track, not that I want you guys to see my legs (-.-" #LameAgain) but did you see 3 subtle strokes on my thigh? Yah, I was wiping the hands off on my thighs and I didn't realise until I was about to shower. LOL! Subtle natural glow right? =)

 AFTER 2-3minute...

See the results?! So much difference when its first applied right? You must let the primer 'set in' to work its magic! Now my hand looks at least more radiant and not much visible fine lines as before!

Just in case some may wonder - Primer is NOT concealer. They don't help to conceal any pigmentation so you will still need concealer to conceal any blemishes.

Next, their Foundation!

 A pearl-size of L'Oreal Lucent Magique Liquid Foundation. My shade is N2. S$32.90

Similar to the Primer, you will see a tint of Silver in the foundation as it is part of the 'Liquid Light' technology for this product.

 After application + 2-3min later

OO" My hand looks... fake from the light captured from my hand. They look... polished, spots covered and radiant!! Hallelujah!

Next:  Touch of Light Pen, S$22.90

Similar to the highlighting concept from their Sister brand (Lancome), this little highlighter capture light in touch-ups to amp up the face for a even more radiant 3D look!

 Above: L'Oreal Lucent Magique. Bottom: Lancome Teint Miracle
 After blending

Honest thoughts:

1st impression I thought the Lancome Teint Miracle should be the better highlighter BUT turns out it looks as though it can be well-blended into my foundation (see above). WTH?!

In face, L'Oreal Touch of Light pen did a even better job for highlighting purposes. I mean, its rather obvious but not overdo it. That's the purpose of a highlighter isn't it?

For me, the Face Primer & Touch of Light Pen are the ONLY TWO stuff for my face application and I'm loving how super light weight and hassle-free my makeup application has become ever since!

If you are into effortlessly radiant healthy skin, you definitely MUST HAVE the L'Oreal Lucent Magique range!!

Available at major WATSONS, Guardian Outlets. Selected major Supermarkets may be available.

Once again, many thanks to L'Oreal Singapore for inviting me to try out their latest Lucent Magique products and I too, can enjoy healthy radiant skin like those K-Pop starts! XOXO

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  1. Hi, would like to check did you use e lucent primer alone w/o foundation? Does the radiant look, become over the top kind of shine?

  2. Hi Jolene

    Apologises for the late reply - I just managed to get back a proper WIFI connection in my room >.<"

    I do use the primer w/o foundation and the shine is like those radiant shine, not oily shine (if you know what i mean ;))

    But do take note NOT to use too much - 2 rice grain size is sufficient for the entire face.




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