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OK. This blog entry has been in my 'Draft' section for the LONGEST time! >.<"  Gomenasai! I wanted to do a proper blog entry for this as I know many are super curious to know what Kevin 老师 has shared with us his beauty secrets during this seminar.

Apologises for the wait people!



Some disclaimer FIRST:

☑ I only review sponsored products which I have tried on myself for a period of time to see if the products are effective on me before I recommend to my readers.

Which is probably why some companies totally loath me for not posting my entry on time. Please, if I have not tried the products and do the entry for the sake of blogging just to submit before deadline, there is no creditability at all and it will also affect the Company's reputation right?

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Agreed to the aforementioned? (>‿♥) Then Let's GO ON!!!  
I was very honoured to be invited by L'EGERE personnel to be their media blogger to blog about this event! Of course, who won't be?! Meeting Kevin 老师 face-to-face!!! OMG! =^^=

Inside Star Cruises Virgo...

A display some of L'EGERE star products!

Very egg-cited me!!! Wearing MIT makeup from my previous TPE trip! Hehe!

The emcee-cum-translator of the Day

L'EGERE Marketing Personnel from Taiwan


KEVIN 老师!!!

Kevin 老师 introducing some of his favourite L'EGERE products to All!

Kevin 老师 was super humorous and friendly! :) He was trying to share as much skincare / makeup tips with us as possible during the 2-hour seminar. 

Don't say I never share with you guys okay?! 

:P The following below were some of the skincare tips he has generously shared with us during the seminar:

Prepare to jot down plenty of notes people!!!

☠ Formation of Pimples/Acne (青春痘) =  Dehydrated skin which resulted over production of oil sebum. "干到过油!" as what Kevin 老师 mentioned.

No 185,323,725,461 amount of Top-grade skincare products can help you achieve healthy, glowing radiant skin if you DO NOT start pampering your inner health. And the UTMOST important step is to:



All of us (male/female) should really drink up to 1.5litres of water to keep ourselves hydrated and to flush out any toxins in our body, which will gradually promote our inner health and appearance. Make sense right?

✔ Good Skin = Cleanse + Moisturize + Sunscreen


Aside from normal face wash, Kevin 老师 has also reminded us the importance to scrub to remove dead skin cells to promote radiance on our face!

Kevin 老师 has also shared with us different cleansing techniques for different skin types:

Dry Skin:
✏ Scrub once - twice a week. 
✏ You should not purchase facial scrub with particles (颗粒)

"Then how to scrub?!" The Secret shall be reveal later... *winks*

Oily Skin:
✏ Scrub twice-thrice a week

Sensitive Skin:
✏ Apply Toner/Makeup Remover FIRST before scrub.
✏ Same as Dry Skin folks, You should not purchase facial scrub with particles (颗粒)
✏ Avoid using Fruit-Acid (eg AHA) related products/ Facial treatments such as Diamond Peel as they will remove too much of your facial cells, which is why some people faces turn out to be red and patchy. Excess removal of skin cells does not do anyone better benefits. Instead, it will worsen your skin condition and become more sensitive instead! :(

HOW TO SCRUB (for Dry/Sensitive Skin):
✎ Use regular facial toner/enhancer/makeup remover and pat generous amount onto a clean cotton pad
✎ PAT the toner UPWARDS along your face. YES - the direction should be AGAINST your facial pores!

Why? This is to have a better thorough removal of any dirt/sebum stuck on your face. And by patting; this gentle motion will help to effectively remove the dead skin cells as well as dirt/sebum.

*Skincare guilt confession* I'm too lazy to pat actually. I just do a circular upward motion instead. :X  HAHA!

*Ok, back to the topic*

Kevin 老师 demonstrating his favourite L'EGERE products onto 1 of the Audience. SEE - it's not just women have the privilege of looking good - MEN TOO!

Also, he was teaching us the correct way to maximising the effect onto our skin at the quickest time by apply generous amount toner/enhancer onto the cotton pad within the 3-fingers width.

LOL! Kevin 老师 demonstrating L'EGERE Toner which can form into ice strip! So remember folks! Not to apply directly onto your face with the product! Always spray onto the cotton pad first!!!

1 thing I ❤ about this seminar - Kevin 老师 really make the effort to interact with ALL the audience!

LOL!!! NO THIS IS SERIOUS! Kevin 老师 really did suggested to lay the head against the edge of our bed when applying skincare products! This is against the gravity force of pulling our face downwards and prevent sagging. HAHA!

Aside from teaching us the useful skincare tips, Kevin 老师 also shared with us some of the dress-up skills as well! PS: He is also a fashion stylist who gives the latest fashion trends happening in both Europe & Asia.

Kevin 老师 telling us the importance of SUNSCREEN:

✔ Spots are caused by UV Rays from the Sun, the reflections from our monitor (computer) screen
✔ Improper care/ Negligence will cause loss of collagen, cellular breakdown, wrinkles (!!!) and overall, BAD SKIN ⊙.☉

SO? Remember to apply Sun Block people!!! SPF30 PA+++ will be good for us! (>‿♥)

Kevin 老师 showing us his Top 3 Skincare favourites from L'EGERE!!!

Before ending the seminar, Kevin 老师 has also reminded us the following:

❤ Exercise regularly
❤ Eat healthily
❤ *LOL* Stare at your naked body so that you can understand your body better!
❤ LOVE yourself - love the way you are!



TADAH~!!!! THESE are all Kevin 老师 makeup tools & wonders!!! OMG!!!

And how can I miss out the golden opportunity to take pic with my Holy-Papa of Makeup and ask him to sign all my makeup bibles authored by him?! LOL!!!

✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ YEAH!! 1 of my wishes come true!! WOOHOO!

Of course, how can I not own any of the products after hearing so much goodies about L'EGERE?! And YES, I PAID FOR IT!

Benefits of  L'EGERE Healthy Facial Treatment Skin Conditioner:

✔ Effective for healthy & radiant skin
✔ Revitalise the skin natural renewal cycle to its optimal condition for complete nutrient absorption
✔ Balance skin PH and sebum secretion
✔ Calms redden skin and prevent skin roughness and get rid of acne
✔ Prevent fine lines appearance and boast skin elasticity
✔ Deep moisturizing skin

Honest thoughts about L'EGERE Healthy Facial Treatment Skin Conditioner after using for 1 month:
  • To me, this is a thicker version of any toner/enhancer
  • Instead of using cotton pad, I pour the product onto my hands (2-3 drops) for direct application onto my skin every night. 
  • It absorbs into my skin very quickly!
  • My skin does look more supple after application!
    Note: This is before applying any other serum/mask!
  • Nope - my face does not feel oily even until next day!
I'm certainly looking forward to try out the rest of the L'EGERE products and you should too! They are available in major WATSONS/ Guardian outlets.

Join their Facebook Fan Page! --> CLICK HERE

Once again, many thanks to L'EGERE Singapore forinviting me to attend this holy beauty seminar and having a better understanding of their awesome product! XOXO

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