SHuiYuki's Q&A Part 1

Hey folks!

>.<" So sorry for the delay! Was compiling the questions and I really didn't expect you guys will actually email and ask me questions!!! #damnTouchedByTheResponses

Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your emails and here are some of the most popular questions about MAKEUP and AIRLINE FAQs by you guys!

PS: I will do the skincare section on my next blog entry! Too many liao! LOL!

  • My makeup doesn't stay! How to make them long-lasting whole day long?
1) Know & Understand your CURRENT skin condition. 
By saying 'current'; our skin changes periodically due to weather/ stress/ daily food intake/ hormones change etc. Identify & understand your current skin condition FIRST before splurging on skincare/ makeup products which may not be beneficial to you.

2) For OILY skin: Use face primer & oil/sebum control products

Face primer is suppose to control oil/sebum produced and prevent smudging for as long as possible. Try Innisfree (sebum control series), CATRICE (oil control series) or Benefit, SmashBox face primer if budget permits.

3) For Dry/ Combination skin: Quench skin with hydrating products FIRST before applying makeup.

Yes. It can be rather tricky to apply makeup on dry skin as the makeup will 'slipped' throughout the day or worse, accentuating its imperfections (i.e. fine lines, wrinkles etc)! Apply adequate amount of hydrating (NOT moisturizing. They're DIFFERENT) products (toner, serum/essence (if available) moisturizer,  sunscreen) and allow them to set into your skin for about 3-5min before applying makeup.

Next, apply cream-based products as they will help to minimize flaws and enhancing features. Powder-based products will 'caked up' on dry skin and will bring more attention to fine lines/ wrinkles etc. 
  • My eyeliner will smudge by mid-day and i look like a panda! Any suggestions?
Check out my blog post on Beauty Tips on Oily Eyelids.
  • Please show us your makeup pouch!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! My 1st thought when I first saw this qns: "Wait, is this my GF who email me?" 'Coz ALL of them are dying to know what items are inside my makeup pouch too! LOL! & they are complaining they can't keep up with me as my items varies from time to time. TEEHEE.

But of course la, some things never change and they have always been inside my makeup pouch all these while. #1ofGeminiTraitsThatRarelyPeopleKnowOf #AllTimeFave 

Yes. I will repurchase them ALL! ❤

✔ Garnier BB Eyeroll (in LIGHT)
✔ Black Gel Eyeliner Pencil (brand varies)
✔ Brown Eyeliner Pencil (brand varies)
✔ Black Liquid Eyeliner (brand varies)
✔ RMK Makeup Base in #01 
✔ CATRICE Oil-Control Compact Powder in Transparent
✔ DUP Eyelash in #915 
✔ DUP Eyelash Glue
✔ Waterproof Volumizing Mascara(brand varies)
✔ NARS Blush in Sex Appeal (off-duty), Desire (work)
✔ Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
✔ Lunasol Eyeshadow Palette in Beige Beige #01 (off-duty)
✔ NARS Bronzer in Laguna
✔ Innisfree Eyeshadow in #23 
✔ MAC Mineralized Eyeshadow in Sea & Sky (work)

I seldom use face concealer. But if need be, I'll definitely count on my trusty Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil in DEA.

Side-track: There was a period when DEA was 1 shade darker than my skin tone during my training in Japan! Yeah, imagine a ghostly-white SHuiYuki... OOoOoOoO~ #ohManITrulyLove&MissWinterinJapan #aFairerSHui #iWillBeBack #noIDontMissTheDaytimeSavingDuringWinter
  • Makeup must-haves?
Same as my above post. 
  • You seem to stop doing monthly favourites for makeup????
Erm, mainly:

1) Job. I'd been using the same/ familiar colours (trying out different brands at the same time) throughout. I bet you guys will be bored to death if I kept featuring similar products to you from time to time. 你們不悶我都悶啦! HAHA!

2) I only use neutral colours when I'm off-duty, and the colours are so mere visible that it won't captured on camera. Will intro my whole year faves on my next blog post. =) That's a promise.
  • Favourite makeup brand? 
Too many actually!!! HAHA!!! But these (below) are my favourites for most of their products:

Disclaimer: No, I don't feature them just because they are sponsored. In fact, i BOUGHT some of them FIRST before the companies approached me.

❤ Essence
❤ Etude House
❤ Innisfree
❤ CandyDoll
❤ 1028
❤ KIKO cosmetics (not available in SG)

❤ Lunasol
❤ Chanel
❤ Burberry
❤ Hourglass (not available in SG)

Honestly speaking, I don't post any personal-related questions on my blog as this is mainly for me to share any beauty stuff to you all. However, I'd been receiving emails and I was thinking, if they (the questions) are not too personal, why not just reply on my blog directly? *Smiles*

So here goes!

  • Are you from JAL? 
Yes. I was from JAL but I have left.
  • What were you doing prior flying?
I was doing freelance modelling for shoots and events, as well as marketing in hospitality and beauty industry for 5 years+.
  • Any tips/ advices for those who are going for airline interview? 
>.<" I'm not an expert in this but you may wish to consider the following pointers:

✔ Try not to be too nervous. Be confident (but not over confident)
✔ Give your BEST (100%) in every round.
✔ Apply some basic makeup before going for the interview.
✔ Look neat & presentable
✔ Avoid using Singlish. Keep 'lah, leh, lor, ah, eh, hmm, erm, sia, piang's aside throughout the interview stages. LOL!

Once again, the aforementioned are just purely my thoughts & opinion and do not guarantee any 100% acceptance for any interview.

=^^= Of course, ALL THE VERY BEST & GOOD LUCK to ALL interviewees! 

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