SHuiYuki's Trip to Panasonic Cooking Studio

Hey everyone!

(=^^=) I was invited down to Panasonic Cooking Studio for a baking demo to see how we can easily prepared mouth-watering, soft fluffy bakeries within 2-3hour!!!

Yes yes, yours truly here hasn't been baking for the longest time (13yrs) and was curious also to see how we can bake a loaf of bread + deciding the preferred CRUST COLOUR WITHIN 2 HOUR!!! Amazing right!!!

*Behind the scene* Bloggers busy taking pictures around the cooking studio!

 Yup, all of them are working ovens with different functions. There's one that is even help to 'raise' the dough (without baking it) faster with its very own unique temperate setting! *Impressed*

SD-P104 Bread Maker

About SD-P104 Bread Maker:
✔Raisin & Nut Automatic Dispenser
✔ Simple Operations - Automatically mixes, kneads, rises & bakes bread!
✔ Crust Colour Control
✔ 13 Menus
✔ Yeast Automatic Dispenser
✔ 13-Hour Digital Timer
✔ 10-Minute Power Interruption Protection

Aside making bread (whole wheat bread, soft bread, pineapple bread etc), you CAN make DOUGH (bread dough, pizza dough, dumpling skin dough!), DESSERT such as CHOCOLATE & CAKE too!!!

 Let the BAKING BEGIN~!!!

 Muah Chee in Making!!! *Slurps*

5-SIMPLE & EASY Steps to make 
CRISPY Crust + SOFT Fluffy home-made bread!

Step 1:
✔ Take out the bread pan and set the kneading blade

Step 2:
✔ Add high-gluten flour & other ingredients EXCEPT dry yeast into the bread pan.

Step 3:
✔ Add instant dry yeast, dried fruits & nuts into their respective dispenser. Yes, you can add more fruits & nuts after the 1st batch has been dispense into the dough!

Step 4:
✔ Select Menu

Step 5:
✔ Take out the bread after the beep sound


100% freshness. 
100% MSG-Free. 
100% healthy, soft fluffy home-made bread!

I'm not a Photoshop expert & I also don't think anyone can PS a bread to look so soft & fuffy!

*Ahem* Do pardon the bite marks. =P I couldn't resist taking some bites. Eh, at least I didn't gobbling down all at once! Hur hur~
MUAH CHEE done in less than 2hour!!!

And seriously, it just taste SOoOoOOo good! Even chewier than those sold at Pasar Malam!

 Up next: Flavored Bun Rolls!

I solemnly swear that these tuna rolls ARE EVEN MORE DELICIOUS/ SOFTER/ FLUFFIER than any bread shops sold in SG/ JAPAN/ USA/ PARIS! 


SHuiYuki's thoughts:
I was initially skeptical about this bread maker machine as I thought the only purpose was to just make bread that's all.
Like, why would normal household buy a bread maker just to make bread right? BUT I WAS SO WRONG!

Also, I did not know over kneading will cause the dough to be hardern and destroy the entire bread/bun until the demo instructor shared with us last week. ^^v Now, we can have 0 WORRY about over kneading all thanks to this lil smart machine!

Overall, I was truly impressed by how much goodies we can actually come up with with the help of the different selection of dough making mode. Now, I can truly enjoy making/ baking with ease BUT LOOKING/ (bun)TASTING LIKE A PROFESSIONAL!

And all the ingredients can be easily purchase from any supermarkets near you! So there's really no secret receipe/ ingredients to whip up tasty & healthy (NO MSG used) goodies!!!

I was whatsapp-ing my GFs back then and all of them were like, "Since when u bake?!" *nervous laugh* So I replied,

"Haha! to impress my future BF/ in-laws ma... Machiam I can bake ma!"

No one (bother to) reply after that. -____-" #真是的 #我們的友情只到如此 #whyLikeThat #LMAO

Retail price: SGD$328

Once again, thank you OMY Singapore and Panasonic Singapore for your kind invitation and convince me that everyone can be an awesome baker with the help of wonder bread maker machine!

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