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Have you always been finding their products HIGH and low, LEFT and RIGHT but their items are FOREVER:

1) OUT OF STOCK (Forget about Limited Editions. They ALWAYS disappear just on their 1st day launch!)
2) TOO expensive (i.e. 2 pair of lashes costs S$21.90?! Like, seriously?! -_____-")

Unless you're super rich if not.... FRET NOT!!!!


(And YES! :P I have finally revamped the logo after so long... After 4yrs)

:) We have got the dupes / replicas for the following:

Terms and Conditions FIRST (aka SHui's STYLE):
  • Dupe/Replica = NOT 100% original Dolly Wink eyelash. We try to re-create the lashes to the original as close as possible. And after QC check; we conclude the similarity is about 95-98%
  • All the lashes come in a box of 10 pairs (= 20 lashes). Definitely CHEAPER than the original
  • All lashes are in EXCELLENT QUALITY. Even myself was impressed after QC. Not because I'm selling them thus the boast. It will be very imbecilic if I tried to lied and being caught and spread in the blog-o-sphere right? I took pride in what I sell. If the quality sucks, I will most probably junk them away instead of selling and ruining my reputation.
  • All photos (except Tsubasa's) are taken by ME. Therefore, WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET!

Dolly Wink #1 Dolly Sweet Eyelash Dupe - MOST Popular Dolly Wink Series!

EXCELLENT Quality! Even I'm impressed too! 
And better quality than some at Far East Plaza / Bugis!

 Dolly Wink #2 Sweet Girly Eyelash Dupe - 2nd Most Popular among the Dolly Wink series!
Though they may appear dramatic, but turns out to be quite natural looking!!!

As always, please click the images for better view
Also, ALL the images (except Tsubasa images) are taken by ME.
So this is really WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET!

Dolly Wink #6 Baby Cute Lower Eyelash Dupe - MOST Popular Lower Eyelash in Dolly Wink series!

Absolutely LOVE this lower lash! Shall try it out one day and show you guys! :D

 Dolly Wink #7 Vivid Pop Lower Eyelash Dupe - 2nd Most Popular Lower Lash in Dolly Wink series!
AWESOMMMEEEE! Suitable for the daring babes!!!

PS: You may find this dupe/replica not 100% similar as #7.
Here's the trick: Just snip off the shorter lashes and TADAHH!!! 98% similar!

:) I got this (below) for babes that wanna try the lashes without looking too dramatic / Dolly Wink-ish:

OK. Eyelash checked. Now time for their EYELASH GLUE TOO!!!


Dolly Wink LIMITED EDITION Pencil Eyeliner (Black / Brown)

I personally using the Black Pencil eyeliner and the texture is like creme-felt texture. EASY to glide and draw on your eyelids! I'd even let some of my GFs tried the eyeliner and they were surprised (first) and impressed!

Best of all, it comes along with their ULTRA LIMITED EDITION Eyeliner Pencil Sharpener (S$9.90+) FREE! What's more can you ask really?! :D

Dolly Wink LIMITED EDITION Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black)

Ultra fine liquid eyeliner (similar to Maybelline's ultra fine eyeliner) with an UNIQUE formula that:
- Dries on your eyes quickly
- Does NOT smudge
- Sweat/Water resistant
- Easily removed using Eye makeup remover

Seriously, I have ZERO complaints over Dolly Wink products (except the pricing. SO EX.PEN.SIVE.) in terms of quality and packaging presentation.

To make it even MORE AWESOME (please ♥ me k? :P), is having DISCOUNTS~!!!


I'm having 10% off ALL DOLLY WINK items and do remember to key in 'DollyWink10' before checking out!

I sincerely hope you will ♥ the items as much as I do and HAPPY SHOPPING!

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