♥♥♥ JH's 27th BDay Celebration ♥♥♥

:) Planned + Celebrated JH Surprise BDay with places we have NEVER been before~! Haha!

  • 4pm: Rushed (yes, was planned initally at 1pm but due to his last-min corporate meeting; it was being pushed till 4pm) down to Joan Bowen Cafe to have our Lunner (combi of lunch and dinner)! :) Yes, decided to give our support to them after hearing the review from our PM Lee in his National Day Rally.
 Taken by their friendly and very polite Staff. Thumbs up for their good service!
Didn't take a full meal as I have other surprise plans for him later thus we had some calamari and salad. DO try their calamari though! It's even better than other well-known places!

  • 5.30pm: Headed to Aegean Spa at The Central for our couple spa massage! :P JH thought I would be bringing him to another eatery place thus I purposely pretended to forget the unit no and halt to a stop at Aegean Spa to his surprise. 

Verdict: Nice & friendly staff  BUT it wasn't 30min body scrub + 60min Body Massage as mentioned on their posters as the whole process ended exactly at 6.30pm - which is just 1hour only?! HMM... *AHEM*

  • 6.30 - 7.30pm: Wondered around The Central, pretending to walk aimlessly again (as I'd earlier reminded his friends to reach the Dinner venue at latest 7.30PM) and bought some STICKY Sweets and Gong Cha along the way before proceeding to our Dinner place!
  • 7.45pm: At Golden Mile Thai Steamboat and i was SHOCK to see NO ONE was there! :( Thus, the BDay surprise aint much of a surprise anymore as the BDay boy has sensed something amiss. TSK TSK.
  • 10.30pm: Off to Helipad!!! LOL! N Silly JH thought it was really for Helicopters to land and depart! -________-" 

And GUESS WHAT - I have gotten his OLD Friends to join in the celebration as well!! :) And BDay boy was indeed a HAPPY BIRD that day!

 (Left-Right) The Boyfriends
XX, Valson, Andrew, Edmund, Royston, Joseph, JH, Han Zhong, Yorick, Hong, Vincent!
The Girlfriends!
Jia Hui, Xiao Hui,  SH, Jennie, Shiny, Tricia, Jade, Sarah
 Happy BDay Darling! :)
Yummy BDay Cake. 
Gift from Edmund and Tricia. :) Thanks both!
 The Happy BDay Boy. :)

On behalf of JH & myself:

Many thanks for coming and making his BDay a success people! :) All attendance were fully noted and appreciated! Hehe! ♥♥

"There are times both of us can't stand each other;
People may have jumped into conclusions based only on what they see and hear from either party.

BUT they don't know the FULL story.
They don't UNDERSTAND the WHOLE situation like we do.

I choose to keep my silence and may Karma falls upon them.
'Cause I choose to keep my belief and ♥ for you.

I'd always been Loving you - perhaps the style aint suitable for you. Or not justifiable to some.
But it's just BETWEEN THE TWO OF US.

And NEVERTHELESS, my ♥ for you will always be there.
Now and forever."

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