SHuiYuki's Drugstore Makeup HAUL!


OMG! This month has been a CRAZY month with TONNES of purchases - from skincare >> makeup >> magazines >> BOOKS (?!)

-________-" If only GSS happens on September...

Okay (back to topic), went to WATSONS during my break (was working for LG Cinema Smart 3D TV at Parkway) DAILY during my 4-day work and check out my MASSIVE drugstore purchases!!!

At WATSONS (My FAVE Drugstore in Town!):

 KATE Shimmery Eyeshadows
 Bourjois Eyeshadow in 10/05/02
OMG! I was SURPRISED to see CandyDoll in WATSONS that I TWEETED this annoucement the moment I saw them! LOL!
  • WATSONS BB Safety Q-tips - $2 (buy 2 get 1 Free). -.-" But it only left with 1 box... *Sigh*
  • BIORE Travel-Size Eye & Lip Makeup Remove - $2. BEST Eye makeup remover EVER!
  • KATE Diamond Eye Glitter Eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown and White $11.92 after 20% discount!
  • Bourjois Glittery Eyeshadow in 05/10 - $19.90 each
  • Bourjois Intense Glitter Eyeshadow in 02 - $19.90
  • CandyDoll Lip Stick in Ramune Pink (Milky Pink)
  • CandyDoll Lip Gloss in Peach Orange
  • CandyDoll Highlight in Cream Beige
  • CandyDoll Highlight in Marshmallow Purple
  • CandyDoll Cheek Colour in Carrot Orange
  • CandyDoll Cheek Colour in Peach Pink
  • CandyDoll Mineral Powder in Porcelain (Matte)
  • CandyDoll Mineral Powder in Dewey Face (Shimmer)
Not Shown:
  • Cleansing Express Cleansing Sheet - $3.10
  • Cleansing Express in Brightening - $16 (UP$18) SWEAR-BY BEST Makeup Remover. Can remove & sleep after that! AWESOME LOVE!!! Been a faithful user since 2009!
At Sasa:
  • KOJI Eyelash Curler in no 70 (33mm)
  • KOJI Eyelash Curler in no 73 (34mm) <-- AM SELLING THIS CURLER! CLICK HERE!
Not Shown:
  • DIY Facial Mask Sheet - $3.00
At Smoochiezz: (Mya FAVE Makeup Stock-up Place!)
  • ELF Mineral Blush in Fuchsia Fusion - $6
  • ELF Eyebrown Lifter & Filler in Medium Brown
AT The Face Shop: $12.90 each

  • Face It Shimmery Eyeshadow - Silver <-- AM SELLING THIS EYESHADOW! CLICK HERE!
  • Face It Shimmery Eyeshadow - Dark Green
  • Face It Shimmery Eyeshadow - Champagne Light Yellow <-- AM SELLING THIS EYESHADOW! CLICK HERE!
  • Face It Shimmery Eyeshadow - Champagne Pink
  • Face It Shimmery Eyeshadow - Light Coral-Pink
At MAC Counter:

  • MAC ME OVER Limited Edition - Lady Grey Eyeshadow Quad
  • MAC DUO Feature Limited Edition in 5 / 8
Not Shown:
  • MAC ME OVER Limited Blush in Stunner (Satin Coral Peach)
  • MAC ME OVER Limited Blush in Equilibrium (Satin light brown) 
Confession: Yes. I bought with my OWN MONEY. And there's MORE that I haven't take pictures of. E.g. Shu Umura, RMK etc. YES! I'm also FREAKIN broke too!!! :X

Conclusion: Drugstore makeup can be pigmented as compared to some higher-end products. I personally LOVE KATE eyeshadows and I'd been using their eyeshadows for the longest time (aside from Majolica).
- If you like glittery/shimmery eye colour - opt for Bourjois coz I'd tested out their samples and my hands were filled with glitters & shimmers after that! Impressive!

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  1. I really want to try those candydoll. Get really intrigued

  2. Hi babe

    :) You can get CandyDoll products at major WATSONS outlets i think.. Good luck! XOXO



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