Yuki's Asia Wake Park Tour 2011 Event

Awesome-ly long full week during F1 period and had been rushing to places here and there for the entire week with NO rest! *Pat SHui's shoulders* Good job SHui. MUHAHA! :P

In the DAY - Working with this lovely fun babe Shahirah by asking people to play iPad games to win Jim Beam bottles... And take pictures of course! ^^

 "Pizza Anyone?" LMAO

In the NIGHT - Worked with my super cute Ee Xuan babe and thank God I was working with her!! Haha! =)

 With the Boss of Attica. =) Nice & friendly guy!
Yah, the funny group shot. LOL!

Awesome music, great working partner, nice Client (Jim Beam), legally allowed SLIPPERS to enter club & have fun = Don't get jealous people! LOL!

^^ Let's have our BKT session soon Ee Xuan 

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