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Due to some issues, I usually won't pen (this case, key) down any personal thoughts on my blog. But feeling exceptional emo today, I shall key down my life as an Event Girl..

  • Ultimate flexible working hour (Boy, I'm going to miss you BADLY)
  • Short working hour with GOOD pay 
  • Learn and know more about various trades (e.g. Automobiles, F&B, Electronics, Apparel, etc) at the SHORTEST time span.
  • Expand social network
  • Befriend with people from various age, gender, occupations, industries


  • Get to see celebrities UP CLOSE & PERSONAL
  • Club wavier and invitations to private events
Lazy to go dig out all my event pics as majority were inside my old lappie. Hmm...

Yah, this is the scheduled post and by the time you see this, IMMA IS AN OFFICE LADY AGAIN! >.<"

*Think Positive* Constant pay checks and bonus... Constant pay checks and bonus...

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