Shuhui's BBQ with HDs ♥

FINALLY! Some BBQ with my Besties (HDs) this time and boy was I super excited as we were going to BBQ at Reen's place! :D

While waiting for my dearest Min to get to Parkway; Yes! It's time for some cam whore pictures!

Hmmm.. Pardon my forever-messy room yeah? :X It's never tidy except CNY Day 1 - 3! LOL!

Reached Reen's place ard 7+pm (??) and we took this pic while waiting for Shan & Reen to park her car!

Left: Min, Von, Hui 
Absent with apologises and  ♥: Fang (sick), Reen, Shan (Parking car)

LOL! Was Von super excited when she saw her face on my G12 screen (yes, G12 screen is rotatable so you can see your face while taking picture)

Totally forgotten to take more pictures as Missy here was starving to death and my mind was already pre-occupied with FOOD! :X

Love the night. 
Love the food.
Love the gossips & the nonsense stuff.
Love the company.
Simply LOVE everything during the BBQ night. :)

Can't wait for our Xmas staycation!! WOOT WOOT!

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