SHuiYuki's Lil Niece Concert + Makeup Of The Day!

15.10.2011 - Lil Niece Annual Concert
Attended my lil niece's annual concert at St Hilda's Church and I AM SO PROUD OF HER!

To show her our support, JH & I woke up extremely early *LOL* and  drove the SUPER PROUD & EXCITED grandparents (aka my parents) to St Hilda Church just in time for her concert!

 Us at the Church, waiting for her performance. :) Yup! That's my dad and my BB nephew behind!!!

Poor lil niece, she wasn't feeling too well but at least she made effort to jump and hop around though her face was kinda black throughout the entire performance. :X BUT 姑姑here is still SO PROUD OF HER NEVERTHELESS!!!

Brought the entire Teo family to Thai Pan restaurant for lunch and I really didn't know condo restaurants are open to Public (-.-")! 


That's my lil niece I absolutely adore! And her request of having the 2nd 'funny picture'. :)

Makeup Look Of The Day

:) Wanted something simple but not too boring for her concert thus, I came up with a mixture of Silver and Blue, with purple colour as my base colour!


Face / Cheeks:
  • Face: MAC Mineralised Skin Finish (MSF) in Light
  • Concealer: Maybelline Mineral Concealer in No 1 
  • Cheeks: MAC MSF Limied Edition in Porcelain Pink. VERY NICE for natural glowin cheeks!
  • Cheeks (Apple): CandyDoll Blush in Strawberry Pink
  • Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Base: MAC Limited Edition Paint Pot in Count Your Assets
  • Inner Corner: DollyWink Eyeshadow in No 2
  • Outer Corner: DollyWink Eyeshadow in No 3
  • Eyeliner: DollyWink Eyeliner Pencil in Black <-- AM SELLING THIS! Click here!
  • Mascara: L'OREAL Voluminous Mascara in Black
  • Optional: Glitters: RMK Metallic in Silver
  • Optional: Fake Eyelashes bought in Far East Plaza
  • CandyDoll Lipstick in Apricot Beige
Actually, I wore this makeup during work too - just don't add any falshies to reduce that Oh-so-dramatic look!

Have Fun!


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