SHuiYuki's VIRGIN YouTube VLog - DIY Makeup Brush Cleanser!

24.10.2011 *UPDATED & EDITED POST*

:P Yes, I know I'd owe you guys this vid for quite sometime already, THUS TODAY IS THE DAY!!!

This has been my DIY makeup brush cleanser  for my daily brush cleansing procedure and it works perfectly for me! :) And I'm certainly hope this works for you guys as well!

DIY Receipe:

- 1x Mandom Cleansing Express Make Up Remover
- 1x Hydrogen Peroxide
- 1x Spray Bottle

1) WHY Cleansing Express Makeup Remover?

NOPE. Not being sponsored/paid. I'd been their DIE-HARD FAN since 2008/9 ever since their launch and what AMAZE me is that you can hit straight to bed after removing the makeup!!!

YES!!! Tested and tried with many of my girlfriends and all of us were so blow away and become their loyal followers ever since. =)

If they are gentle to your skin + effectively removing makeup & sebum, they are certainly going to work for the brushes too.

Moreover, their moisturizing elements can help to moisture the bristles as well!

^^v NOW you know WHY...

2) WHY Hydrogen Peroxide?

They are known for disinfect and antiseptic purposes, therefore they can aid to KILL the bacteria on the brushes as the makeup remover does not kill bacteria.

IF you don't have one, get one. They can be stored and used for first aid purposes like disinfect wounds, whitening teeth etc.

3) Spray/Nozzle bottle

For me, I'd use spray bottle instead as i can spray the solution directly to the bristle to dissolve the makeup and bacteria. Of course you may wish to use the normal nozzel which you can pump onto your CLEAN towel and swirl the brushes to remove the makeup.

4) WHY Alcohol Swabs?

I understand some people may not really trust hydrogen peroxide and wanted to get REAL thorough disinfect of bacteria - hence, they can consider using alcohol content either 70%-90%. That should be able to kill any bacteria remaining on the makeup brushes.


- Purchase from your nearest drugstore / pharmacies. Example: WATSONS/Gurdian.
- I bought my spray bottle from Daiso. S$2 only! v^^v

Please give me your support/comments/feedback so that I can improve on my VLogs for you guys!

Have fun doing your DIY Makeup Brush Cleanser!


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