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 10 Makeup Products That I Would Re-Purchase #Tag

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LONGGGGGGGGG Time no blog! How are you guys? So sorry for the absence as I was flying in & out of Australia *ahem* Gold Coast especially last week and doing BKK turn from Mon-Sun last week, and worse, I'm having eye infection after coming back! (╥﹏╥) Which made me miss my flight with my batch girl Mel & the rest! ZZZ~...

Back to the topic:

I first see this tag from MissGlamarazzi at YouTube actually (you can click on her nick to access to her YouTube channel). This tag is actually meant for YouTubers for them to do a Vlog on 10 makeup products they would re-purchase should they lost all their makeup items.


⊙.☉   I would CRY & BANG WALL should I lost my makeup items. THEY ARE MY BABIES!! I would rather lost my keys than to lost them actually! OMG! I won't even want to think of losing them!

OK. So here are the Top 10 makeup items I will re-purchase:

1) BB Cream (bottom)

This bottle of Wonder is like 3-in-1 goodness all packed into 1 bottle:

✓ SPF protection
✓ Whitening effects
✓ Anti-Aging

Aside from these, this BB cream also helps to even my skin tone too!

If you are looking for foundation that is light-fair medium coverage, BB cream is one of the ideal products for your consideration.

The only downside is: they do not have mattifying ingredients and that, I do have some shine on my T-zone during mid-day.

❤ My Favourite BB Cream:
✓ Skin79 (Pink Bottle)
✓ The Face Shop HD BB Cream

2) Concealer (above)

Simply LOVE Garnier Eye treatment Roller BB (huh? Y BB). To me, the salmon colour really lightens my dark eye circles and the metal roller & Caffeine (found inside the product) helps to reduce the puffiness around my eyes!

Note though: this product is effective for light-medium dark circles only. Should you have VERY dark eye circles (which have a darker tinch of blue tone), my suggestion will be:

1) Use your normal eye cream
2) Apply either PEACH / ORANGE cream based product (suitable to apply around eye area):
3) Dab the colour gently to conceal the dark circles. These colours will help to neutralise the blue-tone of your dark circles.
4) ENDS here if your peach/orange has successfully conceal the dark circles and blends beautifully to your skin.
5) (If not), use your normal skin concealer to conceal the peach/orange colour
6) Apply loose powder to set the eye area

❤ My Favourite Concealer:
✓ Garnier Eye Treatment BB Roller in Light
✓ MakeUp ForEver (MUFE) Concealer Palette in #01


This product is a MUST-HAVE for me since I have oily eyelids. Gone with those days that I look like a Panda with my eye shadows fell and landed around my bottom eyelashes. EEEwWwWw~

Aside from fixing my eye colours in place throughout the day, it also helps to cover the veins (creating a 'perfect canvas'), brighten and intensify the eye colours too! Awesome!

A little trick when applying eye primer:

✓ Should you have very oily eyelids, set a tiny weeny amount of loose powder around the eye area so that the primer has 'something to cling onto'. Otherwise, the primer may 'slip & fall' which will defeat its purpose and you will find a waste of $$ to buy a product that does not work for you.


Every single/hooded/double eyelid babes should own 1 mascara in her makeup pouch! Of course, finding the RIGHT PURPOSE mascara will be your added advantage!

For me, I have thin, droopy eyelashes that I needed ALL-Multi function mascara! LOL!

My All-time favourite:

❤ Benefit They're REAL! Mascara
❤ Lancome Precious Cells Mascara
❤ *Latest* Almay 1 Coat Nourishing Mascara

Their dry-formula aids to lengthen & volumes my lashes, which also help my lashes to curve for 4-5hour. Wet formula mascara is good for babes who have long, curvy lashes.


Falsies are a MUST for me 101%! LOL! Without them, I just look like 1 Mashimaro on the streets:

LMAO!!! I'm not a born beauty and I work hard to improve my looks ok?! :X

By now, majority should know how much HUGE difference falsie can 'open' up One's eyes - from zero to Hero. Ah... You got to admit - the wonders of Makeup!


-___________-" Like seriously, we all know 98% of the falsies don't come along with self adhesive formula. So we need good eyelash glue to paste on our delicate eye area, making sure they don't stick out when we are out right? LOL! Oh yeah, I'd been such awkward situation before... ZZZ!

Note: I understand some babes have very sensitive skin and is sensitive to Latex formula. Hence, be sure to check with the counter BA (Beauty Advisor) first before purchasing the product!

❤ My Favourite Eyelash Glue:
✓ DUO Eyelash Adhesive
✓ Darkness Eyelash Glue
✓ EYE Eyelash Adhesive


For me, I look more for smudge-proof formula than water-proof 'cause seriously, how many times will I be wearing makeup for wet events?! LOL! Make that rarely ok! HAHA!

Aside from eye primer, smudge-proof is the other key formula for keeping my makeup intact the entire day/night. As I have oily eyelids, the facial oil will dissolve the non smudge-proof makeup, making them 'run' and fall underneath my eyes, which can be... horrendous. >.<"

The reason I choose dark brown is because there are times black eyeliner can be too dramatic for day-time use and brown is the ideal colour for both day/night time.

The only time I use black eyeliner during day-time is to tight line my water-line and fill in the gap between my upper lashes. 

Why pencil eyeliner? :P That's because I'm lazy and pencil eyeliner is the easiest 'draw & go' without much time and effort spent!

❤ My Favourite Smudge Proof Eyeliner:
✓ CoverGirl Liquiline Blast Eyeliner in Dark Brown
✓ DollyWink Smudge-Proof Eyeliner in Black / Brown
✓ Too-Faced Gel Eyeliner Pencil


These colours are the most versatile colours which can be worn 'safely' (not looking over-done) during the day and night. Maybelline's Hyper Comos Eyeshadow (above) is one of my consideration should I *touch wood* lost my eye makeup.

The colours are quite pigmented and due to their baked formulation, they can be applied on both wet (brush) or dry technique. They do have some shimmer but not over sparkly with glitters which can be worn during the day (for work) and the dark purple (satin texture) can be used on Outer-V to intensify the eye makeup for night event/parties.


;) I know many must be wondering - why not nude/ natural pink lipstick?

The key word is: BUILDABLE. Aka colour can intensify upon every application.

To be honest, MAC Capricious is not the colour I will buy immediately by just looking at it ot the counter. But to be my surprise, this lipstick is the MOST ideal colour as the colour is the closest to my natural lip colour and just 1 application, it brings out my natural lip colour.

With more application, the colour will intensify to a berry-wine colour which looks like my lips have been stained with red-wine.. Suitable for night-time events/parties as well. Wooo sexy... ;)

So what's your pick for Top 10 Makeup Products You'll Re-Purchase?

Share with us!


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