SHuiYuki's Short Update

Some quick update before I am off to Aussie again (x12351561)!!!

1. Changed from Bangs to Side parting



2. Celebrated our Happy 8th Year Anniversary!


:P Company has been good (or rather, should I consider myself Lucky) to have my off day on our Anniversary (9th August)! Nothing fancy - just had our Brunch at Jack's Place and chilling at our friend's place after that.

"It doesn't need to be elaborately planned on the Anniversary; it's always feel like a celebration whenever I'm with You my dear ♥"

3. Meet up with my HDs & Angels

 My Angels

4. Went to SYD (again!)

With 1 of the Awesome crew on my previous flight - Angie! :)

My Batchie Ashley, Don at Fish Market

Some of the Awesome crew!

OK. Time to double check my luggage again!

Stay healthy & happy!!!


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