SHuiYuki's Deal of the Day 3: Our HAPPY Date at POPEYES!

:P Note that I didn't mention romantic date? Guess you all have figure that it is nothing romantic (unless you guys are super lovely-dovey or having honeymoon period :P) at a place that was SO crowded!

So off we went to Popeyes of which I'd bought ourselves a $5 eVoucher with value of $10 at!!! MUHAHAHA! I'm sucha bargain addict, even on dates. LOL! :X

 Takin a pose with my HAPPY eVoucher bought from!

My HAPPY Driver of the day! :D 
PS: Actually not very happy him. He was sick that day, but still, he made an effort to bring us there to fulfil our HAPPY date that I have planned much earlier ago. Thanks BF! :)

Tried to capture the Flyer along the way...

Tadahh! Off to level 1!!!

 See how BF walked damn fast to POPEYES? LOL! He was that hungry! Haha!

Didn't capture the LONGGGG queue as there were some people who are camera shy and I only managed to snap their backs. -.-"

But nevertheless, we saw quite a no of folks holding the eVouchers bought from and I was like, LOL! HAHAHAHA! I'm not the only bargain hunter afterall! YEAH!

While queueing, BF and I were hesitating on which combo to buy. In the end, we opt for Combo 2 (3pcs chicken) and 7 (Mixed Seafood)!

While waiting for my HAPPY meal to come... :P

MUHAHAHA!!! See our super exaggerated faces?! LOL!!! Poor BF had to accommodate my request. Teehee!

Our experience overall:

- Enviroment: 4/5 (Clean and not much of those oily smell found in typical fast-food restaurants
- Taste: 3.5/5 (Not bad, but there are some pieces which we both find them hard and dry)
- Efficency: 3.5/5 (Not too bad. BF queued about 10min to get our food)
- Pricing: 2.5/5 (A lil too pricy we feel?)

Hence, we concluded that it is still recommendable to give POPEYES a try when you have that extra spare cash and time (as parking can be quite a challenge especially during weekends)

Also, do remember to print out the eVoucher before going as they will not accept electronic visual voucher.


Thanks all!!!!
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