SHuiYuki Deal of the Day 2: Weekend Getaway Trip to Batam (Bought from

WARNING!: Be prepared for TONNES of pictures to be featured in this entry! :)

It's been a while since I went to Batam (the last time I went was wayyyy 2006, with my ex-co as our D&D trip) and I was thinking why not go there again for a mini getaway?

Browse through again (YES! AGAIN!!!) and I'd managed to book the tickets for all of us!

TIP: ALWAYS call up the hotel/resort to have their confirmation that there are rooms available on the specific dates that you wanted BEFORE buying the eVouchers. You won't want to purchase your eVouchers and realise you can't have the dates you wanted right? 

Ok, here's my HONEST experience when buying travelling eVouchers:

Come on, who can resist not buying such an affordable price for a mini getaway? BUT (trying) to be a careful buyer, I'd called up KTM resort in Indonesia (pls imagine the IDD charges I need to fork out) to ensure there are rooms available before buying the eVouchers. And when they ensured that there are rooms, I immediately purchase and send out the details in god-lighting speed.

Being a kiasu Singaporean, I'd called KTM Resort AGAIN on the 3rd day and making sure they have received my email confirmation. Total min spend: 11min. Note that it is app. S$1/min per IDD call! But all was worth it when the Staff had reassured me that they have received my mail.

5th day - I'd received an email from them saying the dates I wanted WERE FULLY BOOKED! Trust me, I was damn TMD furious and was cursing everywhere (up down, left right). Imagine all the time and effort and money I'd spent, worse, the assurance from KTM Staff turn out to be wasting of my time and money! Called them several times to no avail that I need to ring up folks to help me solve my problem. :(

Lucky for me, has reacted immediately to my case and on the 6th day, KTM Resort has ringed me up and apologised for both waking me up so damn early in the morning and the booking incident. Overall, they have allowed me to stay in their Family cottage (instead of Beach cottage) and I could proceed to come as per scheduled! THUMBS UP FOR DEAL.COM.SG ppl! Without their immediate response to my request, I seriously doubt I can even enjoy my getaway.

Enough of ranting, :) Let the pictures do the talking!!!


Happy Couple 1 - Kristy & Alan (aka known as XX. LOL!)
 Happy Couple 2 - SHui & JH! :)
 All HAPPY Couples Fall In!!! :))
 On the ferry ride to Batam. :( Yes, missy here got a highhhh forehead.

Wassup with the vessel (some may ask)? Take a CLOSER LOOK. The vessel was on the verge of COLLAPSING side way! O.O" Some smaller boats were found near the vessel, but I seriously doubt they could do much for the vessel (and the containers) :S

 Reached Sekupang Ferry Terminal (which is really about 5-min Taxi/Coach ride to KTM resort)

 FINALLY! Reached KTM Resort!
Doing my signature Star-jump move! LOL! 
PS: I had to jump at least 3 jumps to obtain this shot from BF and I was like a DEAD BIRD (almost laying flat down if not for the burning ground) after this. HAHA!

Introducing KTM Resort - Beach Cottages!!
Happy Shot :)
 BF posing for the Camera :)
WOOT! LOVE THIS PIC! Looks as though we are standing in front of some wallpaper.
PS: YES. I'm secretly IN LOVE with my Canon G12 too! ;)

 Happy Couple 2! :D

 Sista LOVE :D

 Brother LOVE ^^
Another view for the Beach Cottage before proceeding to our own!

 *Knock knock* to our Family Cottage!

 Yes, Our partners are busy fixing the air-cons while I was happily snapping away and XX *erm*..? WHAHHAHA! :P

What I have learnt about this getaway 1) WE got 2 POTENTIAL Male models wannabes! LOL!

 Candidate 1 - Act Sexy Model for Hotel Shoot. 
 Candidate 2 - Act Super Armstrong Model for dunno-where-shoot. LMAO!!!

Makeup used:

- Skin79 BB Cream in HOT PINK Bottle
- Makeup Forever in HD Finishing Powder
- NYX The Caribean Collection (I Dream of St Marteen) from Smoochiezz
- Lancome Khol Eye Pencil in Black

- MAC Creme blush in Something Special
- MAC Powder Blush in Well Dressed (to set the Creme blush)

I'll try to bring and apply as little makeup as possible 'cause I know I will be playing under the Sun and I definitely don't want people running away from me, thinking I'm a crazy makeup-smeared face woman at the end of the day! LOL!!!

TIP: Apply creme blush for outdoor activities as they stay on your face and last pretty well too!

From our Family Cottage view. :) We were lucky. We have gotten the best sea view among all! :D Thanks KTM Resort!

-_____-" The guys have decided to have a short rest at the Cottage while Kristy and I headed down to explore the entire KTM Resort area!

 The tallest Guan Yin Ma (Goddess of Mercy) in Indonesia

 Exploring along the way and nearly mistaken one of the houses as ours!! Opps! LOL!

Back at the Cottage while XX sitting at the balcony dunno-doing-what. Teehee!

Finally - the guys have manged to roll down from their beds and exploring the area with us!

What I have learnt about this getaway 2) Our group have that hidden Modelling potential within us. LOL!!

TEEHEE!! SEE!!! My pretty Sista here trying to act Emo (looking out at the Sea) while XX & I busily snapping to 'capture the Moment' look. :D

 -___-" Sorry no emo-ness here. The weather and Sun was toooo freakin' HOT to be emo.  

Trying to act as Paparazzi in the House. :P

SH: *Pokes JH* Eh, let's be 狗仔队 (Paparazzi) leh!
JH: *Shock face* O.O" HUH? ZZZ...

Trying to all happy (with eyes OPEN BUT FAIL) + 1 EXTRA behind! LOL!!! :X

AHHH~ Better (with Shades and NO extras) :P LOL!

Lazin' around in their swimming pool.

Note: KTM Resort swimming pool is sea-water based. Meaning the first impression definitely not appealing to many of you guys - whereby we are all used to see BLUE-colour swimming pool instead of GREEN. But after knowing sea-water is actually good for healing skin problems, I'd decided to give it a try! 
 Sunset view~ AHHH~ So romantic isn't it? :)

 The ET Couple.. Haha!

 Happy Couple waiting for Dinner!

Dinner of the night: 4-course dinner comprising of Spicy Tom Yam Soup, Veggies, Beancurd and Fried Chicken.

SH's taste bud conclusion: 3.5/5 Pretty nice & decent portion esp the Fried Chicken and Beancurd. Spicy lovers will want to have a taste of their Tom Yam soup! Of course, please don't expect any 5/6 star dining experience. Keep an open-mind and you will definitely enjoy the dining experience. :) 
Abandon Ship  

After dinner, we have decided to write our amazingly wonderful wishes on their Wishing Lanterns selling at S$5/each! LOL! Why amazingly wonderful? Look below:

 Love this capture of the moment. Kristy look so cute la! LOL!

Snapped while waiting for them. :P Ok, we wrote + decorated the Lantern before them. LOL!

What I have learnt about this getaway 3) KTM Resort Staff were very friendly and approachable peeps! See, even the Security Guard came up and helped us while we were trying to figure out how to fix the Lantern. HAHA!


:) May all our wishes come true~~~!!! 

What I have learnt about this getaway 4) ALWAYS prepare some card games or this case, iPad to save the night!
LOL!!! SEE!!! This is how we amused ourselves throughout the night! iPad has amazingly saved our night once again! HAHAHA! We are SOOOO NOT a kampung children. :S


 The Happy Partner 1 posing for the camera...

 While Happy Partner 2 trying to pluck coconuts... O.O"

Why the small eyes? 1) Missy here forgot to bring my contact lens and solution
2) These are my original Mashimaro eyes! :P Hur hur...

 Their sea-water swimming pool.

 Friendly and all-smiles KTM Resort Staff! :) 

 Their Sports Bar & KTV Lounge. Sing your hearts out people!
Below: Billiard Tables provided too at S$5/hr (?) 

What I have learnt about this getaway 5)  Do bring along your MAHJONG TILES if you intend to stay at KTM Resort. They have 1x Mahjong table provided FOC but no tiles provided. LOL! And you can only play at their specified location (in between their dining area and Front office)

Cook at work!

What I have learnt about this getaway 6) Vegetarian food provided too! So no worries ya!

What I have learnt about this getaway 7) They have about 2 stages (1 as shown and the other one at their Swimming pool area) and a meeting room to hold events/seminars etc.

What I have learnt about this getaway 8) YES! They have FOC WIFI (and why the hell did I only knew on my last day?!) BUT at a particular spot near their Front Office.

What I have learnt about this getaway 9) I got the potential to be a photographer. LMAO!!!!

Told you I'm IN LOVE with my Canon G12 and the camera has never fail my expectations till now!*XOXO G12*

Off to City Tour!!
Tsk tsk. iPad again. Totally forget the existence of his GF + truly not a Kampung boy. -.-"

What I have learnt about this getaway 10) My BF LOVES this drink and we thought is only available at Batam, BUT also at VALUE Supermarket in SG too! Thanks Bernard for sharing this happy news to us! :D

If you ask me + BF, we felt Bengawan Solo ones were much better and not as expensive as compared to theirs. They are selling at S$24-29 per 1.3kg. :S

Some random shot while waiting for the bus to drop us to another destination.

 The place where we had our Seafood lunch. 
SH taste bud: 3.5/5. Overall pleasant food + friendly diners whom we shared table with.

Wanted to try but the weather is too hot and the guys felt the cars aint fast enough. oO"

Woo~ Looks BIG isn't it???


LOL!!! All thanks to BF who was figuring out my camera and happen to find this angle to make us look GIGANTICALLY HUGE!!!! LOL!!!

Overall experience: It was bad and I was really having doubts purchasing any travelling vouchers initally. But then again, Thank God for immediate response to my request and the friendly services from KTM Resort of which made me felt much better after the trip.

I will rate overall a 3.5/ 5.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, do bring a light-hearted mood to relax and unwind. Their concept is very different from other normal hotels.  Hotel rooms and fancy facilities are pretty much of a norm and can be found in SG; KTM Resort is really like a kampung style, which is why I opt for them.


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