SHuiYuki's Deal of the Day 1: Meredith Tutu Dress in Nude (Brought to you by

Love the dress featured on my Spring/Summer Romance. Then read on! :D

Was browsing through (as usual. :P Nosin' though the website to find REAL good steal!) and the below post really STEAL my EYES + HEART (as quoted by BF. LOL!) away!

MUHAHA! Thank God for my god-lighting speed to click BUY NOW before it's SOLD OUT!

$15 voucher for $27 value! And that is 44% DISCOUNT!! Holy Mama! Tell me babes, I RARELY see online boutique having such good deal at all! Yes, as the owner of, I really take my hats off to ABellaChic as they are really offering a very good deals for their customers. Psst, mine isn't too bad either - a straight $10 deal alright~ :P

Without any further ado, I went to their website (not purchasing any voucher yet) and check out their website. And here are my honest reviews (hey, we may be competitor, BUT I'm damn fair & friendly ok! ^^)
- Their website layout is very user-friendly
- All categories are labelled very neatly for easy browsing
- Pricing reasonable
- Pretty Models too!

After browsing through all the items and pestering my GFs and BF (whom all gave me a stony look in return as I was always in amidst of interrupting their MJ session. LOL!) on which item I should buy, I have decided to set my eyes + heart on this:

I NEVER have any nude dress before and it really look nice on the Model thus, I have decided to 'flip back' to and purchase the eVoucher before it was SOLD OUT! *Phew*
However, I was later informed that the remaining amount is not allowed to offset (including mailing) BUT the kind people at ABellaChic has allowed me to use the remaining amount to offset for Registered Mail postage! WOOHOO!!! :) Thumbs up for quick & prompt service!
AND TODAY my parcel arrived! *EXCITED BIRD*
WOOT! An 'Happy Bird' here!
Yes. A really, 'Happy Bird'!!! :))

Ripped my parcel and TADAHHH! My dress!

Tried on the dress immediately and....
:D Brace yourself for Ultimate Cam-whore in e House! LOL!!!

Side-Left Pose...

Side-Right Pose...

Pair it off with a Victorian Straw Hat - The MUST-HAVE for this coming Summer Romance!!!
(And yes, it will launched in SHSecrets :P)

Look quite fitting yeah? But actually this dress is quite loose for me and I have to fold a couple of times and fasten with a safety pin to secure properly and look flattering with a belt on. Think this dress will suit more of UK size 8-(small)12 babes and the top is rather stretchy and it may look loose and big for UK size 6 and below, which is unfortunately for my case. :(

But overall, I really love the colour of the dress and with the help of beloved G12 & PhotoScape, please enjoy the following Spring/Summer Romance Vintage look!

My fave:

Makeup used:
- Skin79 BB in Hot Pink (My absolute FAVE!)
- Makeup Forever HD Finishing Powder (My MUST-HAVE finishing powder)
- Urban Decay Primer Potion
- MAC Cutie Eye shadow - Moshi Moshi/ Goody Goody Gum Drop/ Boycrazy/ Azuki Bean
- MAC Shale (Light cool brown shade)
- Lancome Khol Eye Pencil in BLACK
- Lancome Virtuose Precious Cells Mascara

- La Femme Glow on Rouge

- Maybelline Watershine in B24

Special thanks to and SPH-OMY for giving me such good opportunity to share such good deals to all of you and please, GIVE ME YOUR HOLY VOTE BY VOTING FOR ME!
Please click on the image above to access the website NOW! :) Many thanks for your support!
Thanks! XOXO 

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