Yuki's Casting and Bugis Essensuals

Went for a casting with my sweetie pie Cherleen and after which, we went to (abit random) to chop off my hair! HA! :X

Oh yah, met Reiee babe there too! But she was like, busy with her phone so decided not to disturb her until I was about to leave. Hehe!

Probably you guys have seen my new haircut at my previous mobile upload entry and me feeling a little K-ish, I'd decided to camwhore! HAHAHA!

Act 一个 "Passport Photo" Only... Haha!
吓死你们with my 大头贴! LOL!!!
LOVE~ My makeup of the day and my fave lip colour of the month!

  • Lip: MAC Satin Pink Nouveau
  • Eye: Urban Decay NAKED collection
  • Top: Comfy Chiffon Blouse (comes along with inner spag top) New arrival from SHSecrets.com! Will be uploading the new arrivals by FRIDAY so do check it out babes!
Will be going to St James later! Ciao!

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