Shuhui's OUTDATED + VIRGIN Thailand Trip

 *Inhale* Alrighty, here we go!! :D

Went on my very first trip to Thailand with JH, 4x lovebirds (Jennie & Andrew, Jia Hui & Zhen Hong) and 2 'gay partners' Eric and Kenny. LMAO!

Reached BKK around 11pm and we stayed at this awesome boutique hotel called Budacco Hotel ( and they are playing with COLOURS concept!

Our room level was at level 7 (highest was level 8) and JH&1 were given room 72 (the yellow theme), Jennie&Andrew were room 77 (the pink theme) and Jiahui & Ah Hong were given 74 (the purple theme).

My first reaction was, "OMG! SO SPACIOUS?!" Definitely worth the S$60/room night stay! :D Just that it doesn't come along with a bath tub (but it's ok) and the room overall looks very 'clean' and new!

Day 2

8am+: Woke up around 8am+ (both JH & I weren't much of a sleeper during holiday) thus, we headed our way down to have some breakfast! Oh yah, Budacco serves American Breakfast only.

Looking at Ah Hong's expression make me LOL big time! Haha!

Breakfast review: Not my cup of tea. I'm not a cereal person and the coffee there is rather bland. :X

Some pics while waiting for Andrew & Jennie!


 After which, all of us headed down to the weekend Chatuchak Market!

The weather was so eff-ing HOT and I swear I nearly died of heat stroke + confusion in the weekend market! The place was like a HUGE MAZE and we keep walking round and round until dizzy!

Like what most folks will tell ya - some things are worthy to buy over at the weekend market. BUT, in the end, I only bought 2 set of clothes. NOT for me but for my little BB niece and nephew. Cost me S$32 for the 2 set of children clothes. 

 Took while waiting for the rest to gather at our meeting point. :)

The guys - JH, Andrew, Ah Hong

3pm: Finally all 3 couples gathered and it was TIME for LUNCH!

Should SEE my SEXCITED face when I FINALLY found my long-lost LOVE - 猪血!I was raving to the rest "OMG OMG OMG! I thought this delicacy has already extinct liao!" :D LOVE LOVE!

Yes. A ta-glam pic eating my long-lost LOVE! I'm blessed. Amen.

After which, we left and tried out some of the street stores and I swear-by this fish (pic below) is a DIE DIE MUST TRY for!

OMG. THIS FISH IS HAVEN!!!! Don't judge the looks - really. This fish was actually smoked and grilled with some simple seasoning (salt and lemongrass) and the meat is so drop-dead soft and marinated perfectly. No overwhelming of lemongrass and not too salty (unless you ate with the skin) at all!

The prawns were a dissapointment though. I remembered showing JH a -____-" expression when I'd tried the prawns. They were dried and hard. ZZZ

Head back to our lil camping room and we bought street-store delicacies back to our room for some feast while waiting for our 2 guys (Eric & Kenny) to reach BKK. LOL! God, we all thought that they will joking but turn out that they really did execute this super impromptu decision after all! *Impressed*

How can we ever leave our fave beer Heineken and chicken wings?? 

Night-time: Off we went to Hollywood! ^^ Something funny happened (shall not say here) to one of our poor Sistas *LOL* and  we took this while she was away *ahem*!

 The chio-chio clan! MUHAHAHA!

Word of the night: "你会有报应的!" LOL!
Day 3

YES.  Since Eric & Kenny came and joined us (where we thought they were just joking) at BKK the day before and how can we leave out our always-handsome Mr Kenny from a shoot?!

10am: Headed down to Andrew's favourite wanton mee!

See how happy Andrew's face was?! LMAO! :D

Yes. We were the happy diners and off we went to ALL GIRLS FAVOURITE - PLATINUM MALL!

Doubt there's any sua-gus (except me) who haven't been to Thailand and we were happily snapping pics of ourselves and totally forgotten to snap the venue itself. HA!

A MUST HAVE at Platinum Mall. Swensen's ice-cream! Super cheap!

On our way back - we passed by this hat shop and 'many thanks' to Eric (:P), I'd unknowingly became the 'spotlight' and having other tourists took photo of me with this Panda-hat under the scotching Sun! -___-"

Day 4:

Went to the famous 四面佛 for prayers and wonder around the heart of BKK as usual!
Some random pics along the way:

Finally! A whole group photo (all 8 of us!)
Day 5 (last day):

Did last-min shopping before officially checking out and heading back to the airport!

Yes. My BF loves to camwhore too! LOL!

This trip to BKK has really been an eye-opener and a wonderful experience. Brought closer-ties with JH and the rest of the people too. :) Of coz, shopping factor also makes this trip a even more fruitful one! LOL!

Lastly, the warm and friendly hospitality Budacco has offered to all of us rounds up the entire trip and I strongly recommend all to stay over there!
- Pleasant staff (with relatively good English you can understand)
- Clean & spacious rooms
- Affordable price ($60/room night stay)
- Convenient location (3min walk to Baiyoke Sky Hotel!)  

Shall end off this happy Thailand trip with a 2 VERY HAPPY GUYS:


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