Shuhui's Daily Makeup Look - With a pinch of Pink this Spring!

Ok. Guess everyone knows that its ALL ABOUT COLOURS this Spring and Missy here is all in to join the fun as well!

Also, I'm pretty sure majority of the babes here all know that BROWN is the most common and SAFEST eye colour to put on during work/casuals/events/parties. It's all about layering on darker shades of brown depending on the occasion (you know what I mean :))

But this Spring is about having fun with colours and I was thinking, why not trying a pinch of pink on top of our 'common BROWN eye colour' as well? 

  • It's suitable for all skin tones. Warm to Cool/Fair skin tones
  • Suitable for ALL kinds of occassion. Work/Casuals/Parties/Events! Again, it's all about layering.
  • Suitable for ALL kinds of attire you feel like wearing! *LOL*
  • Pinch of pink adds up some girly-romantic feel + on the 'safe' side. Great for those babes who are out on romantic dates with your special ones. Especially on FIRST date! :D
Make-up used:


  •  Majolica PK785. Also used on my previous turquoise-green makeup. Click on the hyperlink to view!
  • (Alternative) L'Oreal Limited Edition HIP Adventurous - S$17.90
  • (Alternative) SilkyGirl Viva La Diva - S$10.90. Tip: Buy at John Little during weekends and enjoy 20% + 20% (depending on merchant's mood. LOL!) off! And that's like S$6.98 after all the discount! AWESOME BUY!
  • Maybelline Watershin B24 (Yes, my favourite nude+pinkish lippie of the Month!)
:) As I'm not a professional MUA (makeup artiste), hence I don't think I have the rights to tell you babes what's the correct procedure etc... But I can share with you guys some extra to take note on (for my case that is), especially applying the pink on top of the brown eyeshadow:
  1. Whenever you are unsure about the colour effects (esp pink), use lighter beige-pink shade and gently apply slightly on top of the eye crease to create more definition. I understand many Asians babes are unsure about using pink colours (same for me as well!) as it tends to create more of a 'swollen' eye effect instead of looking romantic & sweet as portrayed on the magazines.
  2. And if you are getting more comfortable and confident, use a darker shade of pink to enhance the look. For my pictures, I'm using the darker pink shade by Majolica.
  3. Add some white shimmer on your tear ducts to create bigger, shiny eyes!
  4. Apply Mascara / favourite eyelashes and you are ready to go!
Shall end of this post of another 自恋 image of me! *LOL*
Outfit from FEP, level 2. Damn cheap! 2 for S$10 only!

 Credit also goes to BF who has been very sweet-o to drive me around to haunt some of the cheapest cosmetics / products around! ^^ Thankew!
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