Introduction: A new entry coming soon!


If you happen to stumble onto this lil humble website of mine; firstly THANK YOU.

I'm still trying to sort my way through blogger (my last connection with blogger was like, 5yrs ago. LOL) and is editing here and there.

Yes, this blog is not completed yet and I will try my best to complete it soonest - using all the free time I have now. WOOHOO!

Some updates - TBP (to be posted):
  • Shuhui's Thailand Trip OMG! Super outdated trip update *insert dead face* 
  • Yuki's Event: St Patrick's Day with Iris and co
  • Yuki's Event: Far East Movement Concert
  • Yuki's Event: Skin 79 Shoot with Hayley
  • Yuki's Event: APB with Krislynn, Hannah, Irene and many more!
  • Shuhui's Angels Outing


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