Shuhui's WARM UP Makeup Look This Spring '11!

Specially for sun-kissed/warm skin tone babes, this article is specially for YOU!

Who say you ladies are not able to join in the fun of playing with colours this Spring?! YES YOU CAN!

Was browsing through Watsons with my GF (Min) and her colleagues, who were *ahem* supposed to be studying for their papers coming month of which, I stumbled this eyeshadow palette from Majolica which I think it will look damn HOT on sun-kissed tone babes who wanna have fun this Spring/Summer!
Make-up products used:
  • Eyeshadow: Majolica Magic-look 750, S$25.70. :) Watsons may have 20% sales so do keep a look out for it!
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Black Bean, S$6. OMGGG! So cheap right?! 
    • Pro: Easy to glide & draw onto the lids. Almost 0 effort used and reduce the damage of having saggy eyelids in the long run!
    • Con: Easy to draw on, easy to slide off. The colour will tend to smudge abit after an hour :( But overall, still ok though!
  • Favourite pair of eyelashes (no 123. 10 pairs in a box type) bought at EPalz. They have outlets at Far East Plaza and Bugis Street Level 2 selling around S$22.50 per box? Can't remember...
Why this palette?
  • The base is not 100% true white, is more of goldish-light beige colour which compliments the warm skin tone perfectly without being too loud as true white may appear too much of a contrast instead.
  • All colours are specially blended with a range of warm colours - and even though some colours maybe dark, but it is still not going look 'messy/muddy' when used in moderation
  • Cheap and affordable + good pigmented colours!
  • Easy to find and purchase at any Watson stores!
Perfection comes with a combination of moderation (don't be a drag, just be a queen). For sun-kissed/ warm skin tone babes, may I suggest that the colour emphasis shouldn't be toooo strong if not it may turn out as 'muddy'/messy. Less can be more at times too.

Don't have to be loud. :) You are beautiful just the way you are; adding a bit of eye colours are just to compliment along your looks thats all.

Daytime look:
  • Just apply the goldish-white base + beigy-pink to protray a more clean-cut look. 
  • However, you may wish just to touch a little green to perk up the eyes!
Night (Party) look:
  • Intensify the eye by adding the dark navy blue at the outer corner of the eyes and gradually fade the colour towards 1/3 of the eyelids. Remember: less is more! :)
  • To create bigger + smoky eye effect, apply dark navy blue at the entire lashline (act as a eyeliner too) n gradually fade the colours upwards. NOT too much though! Till 1/3 (imagine a crescent moon shape) of the eye-crease area only.
Of course with awesome eye colours + nice arrivals from SHSecrets, I was thinking, why not camwhoring with the latest apparels as well?! LOL!

Act 一个"Chio" No 1 LMAO!
Act 多一个"Chio" No 2 LMAO!!!

SHSecrets are bringing in bohemian styles and this top comes along with WHITE and TURQUOISE as well! Suitable from UK size 6-10! Elastic band at the chest area for most comfort feel for all babes!

The new arrivals will be up on MONDAY 2nd May so do visit the website before sold out!

Do click on 'older posts' to view some of the make-up reviews I'd written! :)

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