SHuiYuki's review on CandyDoll Blush - Pink Flamingo

≧'◡'≦ HelllooooooooOoOoOo~!!!

Today lemme give you guys my honest review on CandyDoll's latest blush colour -


The front & back packaging. Very nippon-ish かわいい ね!!


 The product inside
 Swatch on my arm

HONEST thoughts about the product:

☑ I'm not affiliated with CandyDoll or its distributor in Singapore.
☑ I bought these products with my OWN MONEY! 
☑ I always give my 100% honest thoughts be the products are sponsored or not. 
☑ My skin tone is fair + yellow-toned
☑ I'm having a combination & sensitive skin. If your skin condition are similar to mine, chances are my opinions are suitable for your consideration in purchasing the product.

:) Just for you guys ok?! HAHA! Pls feel the LOVE from me... LOL!
  • Launch Date: 12th July onwards.
  • Pigmentation: Fairly strong. Comparable with high-end makeup like MAC, Dior, Chanel!
For normal day-to-day makeup, 1 application is enough. But for the swatch pic (above), I applied twice to show the colour pay-off on camera. But trust me, 1 swirl of the product is enough. :)
  • Pricing: Cost S$25.90 for 5g. 
 Slightly more expensive than MAC ($28for 6g). ;) Do your Maths and you will know what I mean.
  • Longevity: They lasted 8hour and the colour may faded off after that.
  • Availability: At Major Watsons outlets = available almost everywhere in SG!
  • Dupes? MAC Fleur Power (more coral-ish), NARS Deep Throat (more shimmery), MAC Something Special (slightly more peachy)

Overall conclusion:

CandyDoll latest blush colour (Pink Flamingo) is a nice Satin-textured (not entirely matte as the colour does reflect when light shines on them), coral-pink colour.

Colour is more towards Pinkish-coral which I find not a surprise as Japanese makeup direction is more of kawaii (cutesy) look, which is.. PINK! But for this Summer, Tsubasa Masuwaka-san (the founder of CandyDoll) has cleverly fine-tune the colour to suit this Summer, as well as for those people who wanna look kawaii-without-trying-too-hard. 

This coral-pink is suitable for all skin tones and by (how) the intensity of the application desired. The colour lasted me the entire day and 2 of my current favourite blushes (Strawberry Pink and Peach Pink) for June are from CandyDoll as well!

However, I find the pricing is slightly high for a drugstore brand - when considerably MAC blush is slightly cheaper than them! ⊙.☉ Imagine I have owned ALL the blush colours from CandyDoll! Haha!  >.<"

Therefore, if your budget allows + crazy over Asian makeup products, I must say this is a product you can invest and won't be disappointed!


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