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Hello@ v^^v as mentioned on my Twitter ( - I will be doing (or rather, try to :X) blog OUTFIT OF THE DAY post at least once a week!

*Ahem* Of course, allow me to start off with makeup FIRST! :D

Have been super lazy to do proper eye makeup nowadays - so I came up with this 'Quick & Easy Eyelindow' (combination of eyeliner n eyeshadow) technique! LOL!

It VERY easy for ALL level (even beginners)!!!
  1. Use 1 vivid eyeliner and draw a line across the eye.
  2. Apply the similar colour as the eyeliner and DAB the colour onto the eyeliner!
  3. To complete the eye makeup, apply mascara or falsies (if desire) and line the lower lash line with a darker colour
That's it!!! Quick & simple!!!

Makeup used:

  • Skin79 BB (Pink Bottle)
  • Garnier Eye Treatment Roller (Light)
  • Urban Decay Concealer Stick in Dea
  • MAC MSF in Light
  • Dior Awakening Blush
  • Urban Decay Eyeliner Pencil in Electrify
  • DollyWink Eyeshadow Palette in #03 (turquoise blue, navy blue)
  • Maybelline The Falsie Mascara
  • AK-601 Falsies
  • YSL in#29 
  • Revlon ColourBurst Lipstick in Fuschia Pink (inner mouth)
Outfit of the Day!

  • Top: Drapey Sailor Stripes (available at on 22nd July, Sunday!) $15 ONLY!
  • Shorts: Navy blue denim shorts from BKK

:) The reason I love this top is because not because they are just comfy (100% cotton), but they are versatile enough to be either a top or casual kawaii-yet-sexy dress! Wear it with a belt to show off your figure too!

Also available in Black too!

Perfect clothing for this Summer! v^^v

And off I went to go for a Happy Date with my BF at Garden By The Bay!

Perfect weather + awesome accompany + good hair & face makeup + comfy apparel make SHuiYuki a truly blessed lass that day.

"When You feel good, you Look Good!" Very true indeed!

Till then, do visit for any upcoming events and check out the ONLY Real Technique Makeup spree that Pixiwoo has virtually like on us on instagram!!! XOXO

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