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≧◠◡◠≦ Hi everyone!

Today shall be the first post of my INTERESTING MAKEUP FINDINGS! And to make its debut shall be my...


My first reaction - "HAHAHAHAHA! OMG! Come and look at this!" *points* to my Batchie, who was flying with me to Gold Coast.

Her reply? "Eh!" *Walks away*

Mine: .___________." "Y U NO EXCITED SIA?!" LOL!!!

But I am!!! I found this Hello Kitty makeup range at Gold Coast Priceline (similar but much bigger version of WATSONS/Guardian pharmacies) and this eyeshadow cost AUD$11.90 (SGD$15.47).

Like many (even myself), I will have assume the pigmentation quality sucks but to my very much surprise, the colour pay-off is very pigmented and they last a very long while (with primer).

  • Availability: Pacific Fair Priceline, Gold Coast. Did not catch them at Sydney Priceline outlets though
The Pink colour pigment may seem very shiny in the pot but actually it produces a very nice Pearl pinky shade! Nothing to shimmery and can be applied on the entire eyelid or tear ducts.

The metallic green shade however, is VERY dark and pigmented so just be careful when applying this shade. I use MAC 231 brush to grab the colour and apply on my lower lashline!

≧❂◡❂≦ This is just a quick review of some of the interesting finds while I'm out stationed at overseas and will be updating you guys if I spotted any!

PS: Yes, I will be at overseas again by the time you are reading this post. TEEHEE! Off to another interesting find again! XOXO

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