SHuiYuki SYD trip with YouJing

≧◡≦ Hello! Yesh, I'm back from Sydney (again!) and this time round, my dearest YouJing 小妹 brought me around!

^^v Me & You Jing!

小妹 busy navigating the way... ^^ 辛苦你了!

=( Too bad they were closed for the Day when we arrived at 4pm. 
Note: Never mind, I shall try to go earlier next time! Heard their brunch is awesome! :D

 Spent another 35min to MOS (Museum of Sydney) and their food are freeakin YUMMYLICIOUS!!!

OMG! Both of them are SO mamamia-delicious that really, they make my Hotel's pancakes taste like -_______-" (you get the idea..)

After which, we strolled around the heart of Sydney...

OMG. This is their 4pm+ (SG time: 2pm+) and already look so gloomy! :X

Check out the crowd! =) They reminded of Myeong Deong (Seoul) actually...

^^ US again! :X Check out my shag face - was awake for 26hour back then!

So crowded.. Even though it was just 4pm+ ...

Katy Perry was there as well! :D

Went over to Skyview for some authentic Nippon cuisine! *Yumz*

And hell yeah, their food super Oishii desu!!! :D~
Definitely going to head back again!

My Happy Loots from Sydney :)

Dearest YJ 小妹,

:) Many thanks for showing me around and introducing me so many places that I'd never been before! Miss those time when we were in at Hotel Re! and do remember to take care of yourself & gambate on your studies too!

See you in both SYD & SG soon!!! XOXO

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