SHuiYuki's 'Go Green' Makeup Look

Before I proceed on with my 'Go Green' look, I will like to wish ALL MY MUSLIM GA-WAN (meaning Friends in Malay) ...


"Apologises to my dearest Sotong-san and Maddy dearie for not able to attend the dinner yesterday... BUT I will make up one day k? :X"


Actually my 'Go Green' isn't very dramatic and is actually quite wearable too! :X *AHEM* You can't be too dramatic in SG else your picture MAY appear somewhere in on the very same day! LOL!

#MakeUp Tip: If you want to wear dramatic eyelash/contact lens, tone DOWN your eye colours and the rest of the face. It's all about BALANCE (e.g. Yin & Yang).

Makeup used:

  • Skin79 BB in Hot Pink
  • MAC Mineralised Skin Finish in Light (Matte natural skin tone)
  • MAC Creme blush in Something Special (Coral-Pink)
  • MAC Sheer blush in Well-Dressed (Sheer + Very Light Cool Pink)
  •  L'OREAL Wear Infinite in 104 Woodrose US$3.95 (S$6 inclusive shipping)
    :( Not worth the money seriously

Review: Cheap-looking packaging (reminds me of my 'ma-sak ma-sak days') and NOT pigmented at all. Have to apply 6-7 times to get the colour onto my eye lids! Yes, it seemed to take 'infinite' of my time to get the colour on. I intend to give this eyeshadow for FREE. Lemme know if you are interested. (though I seriously thinking of junking it away). Waste of my $$ too :(

  • Base: Illamasqua in Crumble (Creme nude eye colour)
  • Dolly Wink Limited Eyeliner Pencil in BLACK
  • Lancome Precious Cells Mascara in BLACK
  • Contact Lens: Princess Mimi (Tsubasa Bambi) in Apple Green.
    Key in 'SHUIYUKI' to get MORE FREEBIES from (Yes, that's where I purchase my lens)
  • Falsies: A gift from my GF who bought it at Hong Kong Sasa beauty counter.
  • NYX  Lip Smacking Fun Colours in LSS594A Marrakesh Pink S$5 ONLY! AWESOME BUY!
Where to get the products:

  • Skin79: At any WATSONS outlets.
    #ShoppingTip: Try buying during WATSONS SALES to save MORE $$!
  • MAC: At any MAC Counters.
  • Lancome: Sephora/Lancome Counters
  • Dolly Wink: ME! *LOL* I'm selling the Limited Edition Eyeliner Liquid/Pencils. Email me!
  • NYX:
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