Shuhui's ♥ - The 84th Month w JH

  The 84th Anniversary with JH

Time flies.
We have been together for awfully 7 years...

We are not Gods.
Of course we do argue and quarrel (from sometimes to our lately frequent times)

But nonetheless, I'm still thankful for having you as part of my life :)

1) For being my BB niece & nephew's Favourite Uncle

 At SG Blogs Award @ Shanghai Dolly
At ELLE Fashion Show at Pacific Plaza
2) Being my Trusty tour guide for exploring new places & food with me.

My Advance 24th BDay at the Old Double-O

3) My Wonderful Partner who can clique with my ALL GFs well

 For someone who don't sing; thankew for accompanying me at the KTV with my HDs :D
 At Night Safari Tram of Horror 2009
At Timber Mobile at ECP 2010

You are:
  • My BEST Friend
  • My Soul mate
  • Someone I know I can count on (without a DOUBT) and accompany me whenever you can.
 Some words are hard to express (saying), especially the times we're currently going through, but I will want to say type them out here:

"Despite the time now we are currently going through
And the countless of times we have been quarrelling nowadays;
My love for you is too much for me to let you go (and my sight).
Have always been loving you 
Now and ever.
Love you so so much."


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