SHuiYuki's Review on The Body Shop Drops of Youth Anti-Aging Serum + Meet the Bloggers Event

Good Morning!!!

Yup - I'm justtttt back from my flight and here I am sitting at the utmost comfort of my lil room (there's no place like home own bedroom) staring into space to near concussion my com and blogging to you guys! HAHA!!!

^^v Imma share with you on my 101% honest opinion about The Body Shop Drops of Youth anti-age pre-serum review!!!

Read about my 1st impression here <--

After using Drops of Youth for consecutively 5 days:

 Zoom & Enlarge the photo for better view. 0 photoshop (just adding the Days only)!

  • Day 3: Redness and Oily T-zone (forehead) area. Open pores
  • Day 4: Redness visibly reduced. But forehead still having the combi (oily) problem. Open pores.
  • Day 5: T-zone problems reduced!! And also, pores are visibly reduced!!!
This product is freaking AWESOME! Being an ex-Marketing personnel, I was always skeptical about 'Proven results/ effects' mentioned about skincare products. And personally, I don't really notice a HUGE difference (e.g swollen or sunken cheeks/ super duper glow-y skin etc) during these five days except now via looking at the photos and noticing the significant difference.

I'm definitely convinced by the 5-days proven results which did significant (healthy) changes to my skin and I'll HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO USE IT!

Not just because I'm being given the product BUT you guy seen it for yourselves!

And boy am I glad to bring along with me throughout my 6-days flight and even some of my crew compliment that I look more radiant than ever. *Awwwww~*

By the way, remember there was this get-together with fellow GushCloud members on the 17th? Well, here are some of the photos to those who have missed out the fun (WHY YOU NO JOIN US?!)

Great kickboxing + stretching session with Amore Fitness (Bernard. Third from the left) together with GushCloud Bloggers and readers!
Erm yes. Imagine my face was practially like the above pic. Panting and working out like a crazy lass that day! LOL!

I haven't been truly working out for the longesttttttt time. And boy am I glad to have this opportunity to do some intensive 1-hour workout (though I nearly collapse and KO *LMAO*) at Amore Fitness, City Square Mall. Mental note to myself: Maybe I should sign up the membership soon, but not kickboxing. More mild for beginners anyone? Hehe!

Afterwhich, we hopped onto a coach and headed off to the Yellow Cup Coffee!

Assistant PR Manger from The Body Shop sharing with us the genuine goodness of Drops of Youth. Boy was she absolutely correct!!!

 Boss of Yellow Cup Coffee sharing with us his cafe concept and some of their signature drinks as well!
Psst, do try out their latte if you're nearby Havelock Road! It's really GOOD!!!

 FINALLY! The GushCloud Bloggers UNITE! 
L-R: Roseanne, Audrey, SHuiYuki, Jun Ying, Shine

=^^= Thankew so much to The Body Shop and GushCloud for giving me this super rare opportunity not just by attending this event (which I couldn't attend majority due to my flying commitment), but also, making new friends + helping & repairing my skin too! XOXO

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