SHuiYuki's: How to Acheive Perfect Curls in a Breeze

(✿◠‿◠) Hello Everyone!!!!

Well, today shall NOT be any advertorial if not no one will visit my lil blog again~ T.T" #stress *LOL*

Today, I shall share with you about how to achieve beautiful + lasting salon-style curls at Home!!!!

All you need are:
✔ Ceramic Hair Curler *DUH*

 Mine: (as shown) Infiniti Pro by ConAir
Image credit: Teresa

Why Ceramic?

- LESS harmful for the hair compared to the traditional plain metal curlers
- Ceramic hair curler heats up FASTER and EVENLY
- Glides SMOOTHLY in the Hair

≧✯◡✯≦ God bless whoever invent this amazing Infiniti Pro or BabyBliss Hair curler!!! OMG probably the BEST HAIR INVENTION EVER!!!

It makes those hair-styling retards (*ahem* aka me) achieving those salon-like/ magazine curls a freaking breeze!!!

"Hair is automatically drawn into the Tourmaline Ceramic curl chamber where it is gently held, timed and heated from all directions to effortlessly form a perfect curl.

Open to release a beautiful free-flowing curl. Repeat to create curl after curl.

Suitable for all hair lengths and types" - InfinitiPro by ConAir

._____." I'm not sure about the suitable for all hair length (perhaps more repeated steps for folks with extremely long hair that hits around their hip area) but asides that, YUP!!! SAVE ME FROM GETTING BURNT + Achieving Perfect CURLS EFFORTLESSLY INDEED!

Of course, it takes a couple of practices to reduce the styling time. I remembered I took 35-40min to curl my hair and my Happy Pill C (whom I was bunking in at Japan) was like,

C: O.O" "HUH?! Need so long (to curl) meh?!"

SHuiYuki: "Eh don't rude ah! I first time using it leh! HAHA"

*AHEM* C! I only need 20min to curl liao! At least got some improvement ok?! *LMAO*

This hair curler Tony 老師 using is BabyBliss Hair Curler. SEE HOW EASY IT IS TO USE?! Mine is similar though - just that mine doesn't have the 'left-right-auto' styling direction. ConAir only have auto styling rotation which is perfectly fine for me.

Where to Purchase:
  • Far East Plaza, LevelOne. There's this shop selling hair styling items and selling BabyBliss Hair Curler at S$298 (+/-)
  • Qoo10. My GF once WA me and show me they are selling BabyBliss Hair Curler for S$59?! ⊙_☉ Hmmmm...
PS: I bought mine at Ulta for USD$88+ when I was having my NYC flight during Xmas Sales! v^^v

And like what Tony 老師 has mentioned, it is strongly recommended to use Heat Protection and Hair Treatment products to reduce further hair damage.

Which leads to...

✔ Heat Protection + Hair Treatment Products
Psst, of course the SCENT is VERY IMPORTANT! Who wants a head of perfect curls BUT with >.<" awful scented hair right? LOL

 Left-Right: Tsubaski Hair Water, Loreal Playball No 3, Tsubaski Hair Treatment Oil Serum


- Healthy-looking Curls: ☑
- Long-lasting Curls: ☑
- Lovely floral scent: ☑

Step 1: 5-6 drops Oil Serum onto the palms and spread the serum evenly onto the hair. This oil serum does not leave sticky and streaky residues onto the hair and making the hair super light and airy too! Leave it to absorb for 1-2min.

Step 2: Squeeze about the size of a 20cent coin from Loreal Playball and apply evenly onto the hair. Remember: It is strongly recommended to apply on DRY HAIR for any hair styling products. This will hold the curls throughout the entire day! Believe me, my hair could not hold any curls for more than 4-hour despite using those super-strong hold styling products. The curls would just automatically went FLAT at the end of the day.

BUT ever since using the LOREAL PlayBall, ALL of my friends were simply amazing by the extremely lasting longevity and I even get compliments from strangers and enquiries on my hair! #Blush =^^=

Step 3: Spray the Styling Water onto the hair (15-20cm away from your hair) after curling. This acts to protect the hair and (for me), leaving a floral scent that would last for more than 5-hour! I even brought this with me to 'touch up' after having a BBQ session with my GFs. LOL!!! :P #vaintyInMeNeverDies

♣ L'OREAL PlayBall
- Salon Vim. I got mine at Salon Vim Bugis! :)

♣ Tsubaki Hair Water
- At all major WATSONS outlets (???)

♣ Tsubaki Hair Treatment Oil Serum
- Leading drugstore in Japan. It was sucha highly raved product in Japan that I nearly missed the opportunity to purchase! And it was not available as a retail product (only available via their website) till the Japanese netizens make sucha hooha and viola! Hellooooo there!!! ;) Good Job ppl! LOL

See HOW SHINY and SMOOTH my hair was?! 
Yup - I used the Styling Water and Oil Serum before blow drying my hair. ❤❤❤

 Scoll to 15.03 if you wanna learn how to use this Hair Oil Serum from the Professionals!

(>‿◠)✌ Let us all LOOK & FEEL GOOD this CNY!!!



and MOST importantly...



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