SHuiYuki's: HAPPIEST + SWEETEST BDAY to HDs Von & Fang

Finally am back to my Sunny lil island after a freaking -16degree in NYC and 1degree in Japan! >.<"

Oh yeah, nearly became frozen the moment I stepped out from the Hotel at NYC. It wasn't just cold - it was hella freezing-which-penetrates-into-your-bones kinda icy cold! OMG! X.X"

But so long NYC. That's all for Jan... 
I think *Fingers crossed*

Anyway, back to my darling HDs Yvonne and Fang BDay celebration! :D

Yup - we are a group of 6 who named ourselves HDs *ahem* since secondary (high) school days. LOL!

Of course, we have never failed to celebrate each other BDays since then (except last yr whereby I was stuck in Japan for training >.<").

Yvonne's BDay:

16years of friendship and many more!
Photo credit: Fang

❤ Fang Fang's BDay:

 With my BDay Girl. 
❤ You to the Moon and Back Fang!

 Chasing after the balloons... Literally. #NoKidding

They were flying all over the place and both Min & I were running around the living room trying to 'capture the moment'. HAHA!

Of course, how can I not pose with the BDay Balloons right?!
#CamwhoreSpiritNeverDies *LMAO*


My day (and night) has always been a whole lot of laughter and smiles whenever I'm with my HDs. ت  Can't wait for the upcoming CNY with them and my fellow BRD-ians! Woohoo!!!

Happy Birthday my Loves.
Hope you have enjoyed the lil surprises we have installed for you throughout the entire day!

You gals are my pillars of Love, Hope, Strength & Wisdom.
Loving you gals.
Always. XOXO


"Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed.
Maybe they just need to run free til they find someone just as wild to run with them."
- Carrie Bradshaw

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