SHuiYuki's Not-So-Typical Monthly Affair with Salon Vim Bugis

≧◉◡◉≦ Hello!

Yes yes.. My monthly affair again with Salon Vim Bugis! Wanna see what am I up to this time round? Scroll down NOW!

Some disclaimer FIRST:

☑ I only review sponsored products/services which I have tried on myself personally to see if the products are effective on me before I recommend to my readers.

Which is probably why some companies totally loath me for not posting my entry on time. Please, if I have not tried the products and do the entry for the sake of blogging just to submit before deadline, there is no creditability at all and it will also affect the Company's reputation right?

☑ All my reviews are 100% based on my HONEST opinions and not from the press release from the Company. I'm pretty sure my readers are internet savy to find out the ingredients etc.

Agreed to the aforementioned? (>‿♥) Then Let's GO ON!!!  

≧°◡°≦ I have always wanted Ombre colours for the longestttttt time and have been ranting on and on to my GFs until some 'rolled their eyes so much until their contact lens almost came out' #insiderJoke LMAO!!!!

Typical convo about Ombre hair (again) with my GF:

GF: "Aiyah (come on), you are a Cabin Crew leh. How to? Wanna kena write in (complaint) ah?

SHui: .___." *Heart shattered dunno-how-gazillion-times

GF: "Think positive; Arbo (why not) you can dream about it la."

SHui: -__________________________-" "THANKS!"

Refusing to be defeated by the myth that CC can't have ombre colour, I talked to my Trusty stylist Jamie and she gave me a SUPER BRILLIANT idea I couldn't resist! Thanks Jamie! XOXO

I may not be your typical cabin crew, 

Shall emphasise + highlight justtttt in case people in my company happen to see this. LOL!

 BEFORE. My faded highlights. 
*Waves* Bye bye! Time to make room for my new ❤!

However, Jamie has explained to me that I will need to bleach my hair twice before achieving the ideal colour.

⊙.☉ TWICE?! Two things came to my head immediately:

☁ HUH. Won't my hair become very dry & 'cripsy'?!
☁ OMG. 我的屁股不是要準備“開花”嗎?! LMAO!

For the 1st concern - she gave me Inner Logic Pre-Treatment which protects my hair before bleaching/ hair colouring. *Phew*

Happily snapping pics of Jamie and her hardworking assistant! ^^v

Next: Bleaching
Ok. Nothing much. You guys should know what's the process about. 
#NoNeedToSayMuch #YouKnowIKnowWhatsTheDeal LOL!!!

 Ahhhhh~ Always feels like a Queen whenever I'm at Salon Vim Bugis.

 Again, selecting part to get bleached... AGAIN.
:P Oh yesh, I'm also busy too.. Texting friends and IG-ing too!

As though she could read my mind; Jamie came back and gave me additional treatment oil so that "my hair would shine like a million bucks without looking greasy."

*Tick Tock~~ After 2 hour... Inner Protect Treatment + 2x Bleaching + Mythic Oil Colour Glow Oil*

NOPE - My hair didn't dried out or become 'crispy'
MAJOR LOVE with their skills + Inner Logic Pre-Treatment!

✔ NOPE - 我的屁股沒有“開花” 

And guess what - 4 HOUR has passed with a blink of an eye + talking 'cork' with my surrounding peeps + GFs on Whatsapp.

 OMG! Was super excited about the End results!!!

And that's NOT ALL


Slap those who say CC can't have some ombre colours! Hur hur! :P

*Rewind back to the BEFORE*

I was telling Jamie I always wanted to have ombre colours and 99% of my folks told me to give up the idea due to my job. Only that 1% told me to give it a try... with consequences that my company maybe chasing after me.

Sweet Jamie Listened (one of the MOST factors aside techniques/ skills I feel. To be able to listen to their customer's woes and try to come out with a both win-win situation/idea) and she told me she could give me an Ombre hair colour I'd always wanted but the crazy colour (which I have chosen purple) would be hidden so that:

1) It won't be too obvious (which was fine to me. I'm not that LOUD actually :P)
2) Easier for my work purposes (CC will know what I mean)

The aforementioned sound EXCELLENT to me so what more can I ask for?!

And JAMIE always try her best to understand Customer's needs and try to compromise as much as possible. Which I SUPER ❤❤❤. 

 That's my sweet Jamie working hard for my tresses!

After bleaching + colouring for 4hour. The results...ARE WORTH IT!
OMGGGGGG + ❤❤❤❤❤

And I was happily flipping + swinging my hair 452,436,276,546 times ever since that my Family & GFs wanna grab my ends and cut 'em! *Evil laugh* MUHAHAHAHA!

***  2 Weeks later ***

❀◕ ‿ ◕❀ Yes. The colour faded...but to a more obvious shade (purplish-red as shown above) which I have already been told by Jamie. But nonetheless, I'm loving the new shade!

Having a Stylist who is willing to LISTEN and SHARE the SAME objective with you is VERY IMPORTANT should you want to achieve your ideal hairstyle/colour.

And I'm confident to say Salon Vim Bugis has 'em all!

HURRY! Go book an appointment with them NOW!

Call 68370073/ 68370045 n look for my pretty n awesome Ms Jamie Seah!! 
Promotion valid from 1st June -31st July 2013.
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