SHuiYuki's Happy Trip to Taiwan

(✿◠‿◠) WELCOME 2 TAIWAN!!!

Oh yeah baby! You just don't know HOW EXCITED I WAS when I finally stepped and breathe the air in TPE!!!

._________." The last time I entered TPE area was back in 2010 and I was stuck in the CX aircraft while I was doing Seoul >> Taipei >> Hong Kong >> Singapore. Don't ask me why - I didn't book the tics and the transiting hour sucks to the max!!!

SO~ You can tell by now how super duper excited I was when I finally stepped out from my aircraft!!! LOL!!!

Fact #1: Never doubt the superb / excellent 'chiong-ing' aka hurrying-up skills from a CC - Especially when we had only 12hour (inclusive ZZZ time) at TPE!!! Really... NO time to lose Baby!!!

And we were greeted by this EXCELLENT (by far, the BEST) Hotel we have ever stay!!!

(╥﹏╥)  Why aren't we given MORE R&R layover in TPE?! *Heart shattered*

5 star hotel indeed!!!

Awesome facilities
(╥﹏╥)I MISS the bed SO MUCH!!!

I was sharing with my Roomie MJ that I can hide & bury myself underneath the super comfy blanket and ZZZ whole day if possible! OMG!!!

 The very nice walkway.. Actually the walkway was very dark (and romantic) similar to RWS

 The Lift-cum-waiting area at our Room Level

 The nearest Shopping Mall which was conveniently located next to our Hotel! ❤

 Hello to HAPPY SHOPPING~!!! ❤❤❤

Fact #2: No TPE SIM/Call card? No worries. TaiMall provide EASY CONNECT TO FREE WIFI for ALL! Simply find the Wireless Name and tap connect that's all!

*Ahem* SG Shopping Malls, when will that come true for us? Seriously, our Wireless@SG is F.O.S .____." Still must fill in our telco provider/name/contact no etc. OH PLS. Be more flexi alright?! ZZZ

1st STOP: 7-11 *LOL*

Fact #3: Still can't connect to the mall free WIFI (which is 98% impossibru)? Never mind, EVEN 7-11 provides FREE WIFI FOR ALL AS WELL! Holy Mama! 


 Check out the HUGE variety (and size) of their cup noodles! Cheap & Good too!
Average price: NTD$32 onwards (SGD$1.40)

Check this OUT!!


:Þ MUHAHAH! 1 of the Locals was so friendly and nice that he came up and open the cover JUST for me to snap the photos! WHAHAHA! I think he could tell I was super impress & curious with the items inside!! I swear I had that #foreverCurious Tourist look of the Day man! HAHA!

 LOL! Check out my super-serious-and-forever-looking-at-food face captured by MJ! LOL!!!


≧ω≦ LOL! Please forgive me. As you guys can probably guessed, my 2nd & 3rd stop were none other than Sasa & Watsons outlets! WHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

But I was too excited that I had totally forgotten to snap pictures of them and happily indulge in my shopping haven! HAHAHA! 

Sasa Taiwan is very much similar to SG ones (even the sales factor from their Sales personnel. >.<"), while Watsons Taiwan is a much nicer place where there were LOTS more beauty (makeup/skincare) variety + CHEAPER also! 1 box of mask (10 piece) cost average NTD$166 (SGD $7.20) only!

My HUGE shopping Haul of the Day within 3hour!!! :X

Back to my 4th stop which is very much similar to our KopiTiam Food Court, there are quite a number of food variety and we settled for their Beef Noodles while MJ opted for Tom Yam noodles and my CIC gotten himself Japanese food!

Psst.. I also wonder why SG is called Food Haven by many people. AND IT'S TRUE. So far, no countries (I'd visited) had as much food variety as in SG. I'm SO PROUD to be a Singaporean! (.___." Ok. I know no link) GOOD FOOD #FTW!!!

My HUGE Beef Noodle set at NTD $158 (SGD$6.90). Definitely reasonable for that BIG portion! And I wonder why the Taiwanese can still stay so slim & fit all these while!

O.O" When I thought Grace (my CL of the flight) & mine had a the great deal of the Day - check out Tim's Japanese meal. OH MY GWADDDDD~ I can wash my entire face (+ some allowance to move 360 degree) and wear the bowl to cover my entire head!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

While shopping randomly around the Mall...

 We, the Happy Crew decided to pose up as Two Happy Koreans! Anyeong! 

 ... and take some pictures along the streets of Tao Yuan

✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ I really LOVE everything about my short stay in Taiwan:

✓ Nice weather
✓ Great shopping Haven
✓ HUGE food portion (even for their cup noodles!)
✓ Friendly Hospitality from the Locals (awww~!!)
✓ GOOD timing to shop! 1SGD = NTD $23.90
✓ SUPERB Hotel Facilities

Oh man... I'm missing Taiwan so muchie already!!! Can't wait to head back again!!!

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