SHuiYuki's Early-Mid Sep Quick Update

≧^◡^≦ Hi everyone!

OMG! So sorry for the longggggg absence as I was super BUSY for the month of September!!!

✓ Planned not 1, BUT 2 BDay Surprises for JH Dear (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥
✓ Discuss/Helping out my GFs's Wedding Stuff etc
✓ Back to Back Flights (again!) ͼ(ݓ_ݓ)ͽ

So lemme give you a quick update on:

1) JH Birthday Surprise (07.09.2012 / 11.09.2012)

As usual - mass invited his close guy friends & their partners to an advance BDay celebration on Friday. (>‿◠)✌ Had managed to convince the BDay Boy that we were going to Malaysia to have a simple BDay Dinner while I gotten my GF Tricia to help me with the BBQ food!

Was so busy with the preparation and another BDay surprise on his actual BDay that I had forgotten to bring my camera. *Face Palm* -_________-"

Many thanks to Tricia for helping me find sucha ATAS (aka Luxury) place to hold a BDay BBQ!

And of course, how can the BDay Surprise be a success without his close buddies 100% accomplice right?! LOL!! Thanks people! Missing in pic: Joseph aka Salty! :)

Also, a BIG Thank You! to Alan (XX), Kirsty, Edmund & Tricia for the lovely The Pâtisserie cake!! Yummylicious indeed!

11.09.2012 - NP ICT-ian BDay Gathering!

Once again, Yours Truly had managed to convince the BDay Boy that we are going to have some OUR-time on his actual BDay! :X

Thus, had managed to get some ICT-ians to come in to celebrate his BDay at Nando's (1 of his favourite dinning places) at PS and boy was he shocked to see Lionel & GF (the only couple that were on time!!!) HAHA!

≧'◡'≦ So glad we had this mini gathering while joy & laughter filled across our table (and almost half of the restaurant I reckon. LOL!). Really miss those days at NP with them...

And after which, 1 super mighty rare guest turn up as well!

ROBERT!!! LOL!! Super long time no see this guy! Still as chirpy as ever!! :))

≧^◡^≦ Heartfelt thanks to ALL who have taken your time & effort to turn up on his BDay celebration! Much appreciated folks!! :D

To you my Dear,

Hope you liked the mini surprises on your BDay.

No matter when/who/how/why/what come may~

Just remember:
There's this girl
Who has place her heart & soul wholeheartedly in YOU.

"一切尽在不言中。。。" ❤❤❤

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