SHuiYuki's quick update

Now that I have finally some FREE time till 30th May, I will try to blog as much as possible! :D

So what was I up to for the past 1-2 months? .________." NOTHING except  waking up with a sick body to go for training during weekday and KO during weekend. I feel so damn bad for passing my virus to many of my batchies but I hope (and I think they do ^^) understand that I don't have a choice also. :X So sorry my dearest Batchies!!!

But nevertheless, I am looking forward to start my life as a CC and visiting beautiful countries which I haven't been before. :) I am so glad to have this wonderful opportunity and yes I am very thankful for it. ❤

With some free time for now, imma fulfil these stuff which I'd been longin to do so since March!

☐ Blog / More Makeup tutorial on YouTube soon!!!
☐ Roller-Blade / Cycling on 1 of the weekdays
(._____." This item has been dangling on my To Do for months!)
☐ Reading (not my notes pls! :D)
☐ Tennis
☐ Badminton
☐ Golf
(Nah, definitely a noob but it'd been a long while since I goofed around and playing with my friends... ^^)
☐ Meetup with my GFs (HDs, Angels u r deeply missed!!! (╥﹏╥) )
:P Happy anot?! I'm planning to have a STOREWIDE WHOLESALE SALES since I'd predicted I may not have time to admin my website anymore...

Ok. Time for lunch and I know you guys are probably ._________." on my constant camwhore pics! LMAO!!!

Till then, stay healthy & happy!!!


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